Zack Ward – Bio, Married, Wife, Gay, Net worth, Other Facts

Zack Ward was among a handful of child actors who were brought to the television screen in 1983. Since then he has enjoyed his thriving and incredible career that has spanned and counted over two decades. Ever since he was a child, the actor always had his eye on acting, although his mother initially refused to give him her blessing but later changed her mind. Since breaking through to mainstream success, Ward has appeared in over 100 films. However, he is best known for portraying the fictional character Scut Farkus in the 1983 holiday classic, A Christmas Carol.While many Hollywood child stars always find it difficult to transition into adulthood, both inside and outside of the film industry, Zack is. He has managed to stay out of trouble while building his high-profile career over the years.

Zack Ward’s Bio (Age)

Zack Ward is a talented film actress able to secure an enviable place in Hollywood through hard work, steadfastness and dedication. He was born on Canadian soil on August 31, 1970 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ward grew up in their own right alongside his brother under the care and love of his beloved mother, Pam Hyatt, an accomplished actress in Canada.

An actress who started at a young age, Hyatt raised her sons across the country—including in New York City, the Yukon, and Long Island. Zack’s father was a draft dodger and gold glove boxer who settled in the United States. He was not part of his son’s life, they first met in California (where he lived) when the actor was eight or nine years old. Ward’s older brother, Carson Foster, is eight years his senior. It came from his mother’s relationship with a man she had met before the ’60s.

In an interview, the actor revealed that he attended eight different schools before graduating from high school. The actor’s first role was in a Jell-O commercial, after which he was cast in the film, A Christmas Carol As someone who has been familiar with film sets and theaters since childhood, Zack Ward needed little or nothing to garner positive reviews from critics.

Zach also has his own film company called Grit Film Works, which has produced films such as Restoration, Don’t Blink, and Bethany He is the director of Recovery , which also featured his mother. The actor works with James Cullen Bressack with whom he has written/produced several screenplays.

What is his net worth?

Zack Ward was engaged from the very beginning. Today, the established actor has an eye-popping figure in his bank account. As of 2018, he has a net worth of $4 million. According to sources, The Christmas Carol actor’s annual earnings are estimated to be around $1 million.

Is he married, who is his wife or is he gay?

Yes, the Canadian actor is happily married to an American named Jennifer McMahan-Ward. The couple tied the knot on August 18, 2018 in Coeur d’Alene, a town in Idaho after a year of engagement.

There is currently no exact information about Jennifer as information about her family background, early life and personal life cannot be publicly verified. However, we do know that it is in Seattle.

For a while now, Zack Ward’s target has been repeating himself on the gay rumor mill, but anyone with eyes can see that the dude is head over heels in love with his beautiful wife, and that he’s someone who’s also in love with his career. The actor may not have made any public comments about his sexuality, there is no substantial evidence that he is dating or in a relationship with people of his gender.

Other facts about the actor

1. At his younger age, Zack Ward learned martial arts like fencing, boxing and taekwondo. He holds the Ontario silver medalist record for his age group two years in a row.

2. He has also lived in Japan and Thailand.

3. When he was growing up, Peter Pan was his favorite fictional character.

4. Ward had a puppy named Tinkerbell when he was seven years old.

5. He supports literally every Toronto sports team, and sometimes his wife’s team – Seattle Seahawks.

5. In addition to acting, Zack Ward does various signings to raise money for charities.

6. His other name is Zacharias Ward.

7. He is the CEO of an All Sports Market licensee called the Global Sports Financial Exchange, a sports team exchange where people invest in their favorite team – be it basketball, hockey, baseball or soccer.

8. When the actor is not working, he likes to hang out with his sweetheart, ride his bike, work out at the gym or have dinner.

9. He is a big fan of TV series like Forged in Fire, Rick and Morty, Mindhunter, Match, and Better Call Saul.

10. Zack Ward has a dog named Roxie and a cat named Sinatra.

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