Wiki-Bio of Jeromy Pruitt, Married and Facts

Jeromy Pruitt is a Louisiana native who applies his hunting skills along the southern bayou. He is especially good at catching alligators, which are considered one of the state’s deadliest predators. Jeromy teamed up with his stepfather, David LaDart, to become one of the most fearsome hunting duos in the country. They participated in several competitions; hence, displaying unconventional methods in the process.

David taught Jeromy everything there is to know about the business. Stock up on exciting facts about Jeromy Pruitt as we take a closer look at this man’s life.

Who is Jeremy Pruitt?

Jeromy Pruitt is most likely known for his time on History’s Channel’s ‘Swamp People’. The show focused on a series of brave American alligator hunters who set out during alligator season in search of some of the world’s deadliest predators. From 2013 to 2016, Jeromy was a regular member of the show. He already has 51 episodes to his credit.

The popular show is in its 11th season as of 2020. Apart from his stepfather, Jeromy has starred alongside fellow hunters like Willie Edwards, Ron Methvin, Liz Cavalier, and Jay Paul Molinere.

Jeromy is remembered on the show for his unique hunting methods. He catches and then releases the alligators into the bayou. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that he doesn’t use guns like most hunters do. Instead, Jeromy Pruitt fights with the deadly beasts.

Yes, you heard right, he wrestles with adult alligators! While most of us will inevitably question his sanity, it’s fair to say that we can all agree that he’s a brave man. His skills and methods have allowed him to benefit from privileged access to the Louisiana nature reserve.

In 2015, Jeromy teamed up with his stepfather to enter an alligator bounty hunting contest. Unfortunately, they lost to the Landrys.

Is Jeromy Pruitt still part of the Swamp People?

In 2015, news broke that production of the popular series, Swamp People, had been taken over by Original Media. Unfortunately for Jeromy, the producers at the entertainment organization decided that Jeromy Pruitt was surplus needs.

Along with other talents like Liz Cavalier, Jeromy was let go. He subsequently did not feature in the show’s seventh season. While Liz came out swaying at the news of her layoff, Jeromy remained relatively calm.

Is Jeromy Pruitt married?

The wrestler and alligator hunter is a married man. However, details about his wife and their marriage are secret. Other than that, she remains a complete mystery. Stay connected for more news.

Facts Wiki Jeromy Pruitt.

Full Name Jeremy Pruitt
Age The mid 1940s.
Date of Birth The 80s
Place of birth Monroe, Louisiana, USA.
Job Gator Hunter and wrestler, reality television personality.
Net value In the study
Partner In the study
Children N / A
Nationality American
ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac sign N / A
Parents David LaDart (stepfather)
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