Who is Michael Pitt? Height, net worth, girlfriend, brother, family

A simple description of Michael Pitt would be that he is an amazing and versatile young man whose elegant looks make him stand out from the crowd. He is widely known as an actor for his performances in the 2003 film The Dreamers and the television series, Boardwalk Empire

Also a skilled musician, Pitt played guitar and became the face of popular fashion brand Prada in 2012. He’s done a whole host of jobs in the modeling industry to add another feather to his hat. Find out more about this multi-faceted personality below.

Who is Michael Pitt?

Michael Pitt, whose full name is Michael CarmenPitt was born on April 10, 1981 in New Jersey. He is an American citizen due to his place of birth, but his heritage is a mix of British, Irish and Italian. Although nothing was revealed about his education, Pitt is known to have been in love with entertainment since childhood and can be described as a happy kid who was always singing and playing the guitar.

Growing up, his love of entertainment prompted him to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He took big steps to make a career in the entertainment industry. This began when he landed his first film role in the television series Dellaventura in 1997 and two years later he starred in The Goat at the New York Theater, Workshop. Next came the drama series Dawson’s Creek and eventually Pitt had a major break in his career after playing the role of Jimmy Darmody in the film Boardwalk Empire , which won the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Online Film & Television Association Award.

In 2014, Michael Pitt appeared in 3 episodes of the popular sitcom Hannibal for which he was nominated for an EWwy Award for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series as well as a Saturn Award for Best Guest Actor on Television. He lent his voice to Johnny on the 2017 series Animals.

In addition to sitcoms, the actor has also appeared in films where he has given impressive performances, including Hedwig and the Wicked Customs where he played the role of a transgender artist’s partner, Murder by the Numbers where he co-starred with popular actress Sandra Bullock Starred in Detective Chinatown 2 which was released in 2018 and the movie You Can’t Win which he also produced.

His music & model career

It’s also interesting that Michael Pitt didn’t let his musical talent remain as passive as in 2007, he teamed up with a band called Pagoda and released an album named after the band. Pagoda. He played the strings on the album, and enjoyed using his guitar playing and singing skills. Pitt’s outstanding performance led the band to ask him to produce several music videos for them. This opened the door to other similar deals, one of which was the deal he helmed advertising for Rag & Bone’s spring collection in 2015.

The actor is also known to have worked as a model known for both Rag & Bone and Prada. In 2012 he was even named the face of Prada.

Wealth (income and earnings)

With no history of his family thriving in the entertainment business, the ever resilient Michael Pitt has worked hard and today he has made a handsome sum of money from what he does. At the time of writing, the sources put Pitt’s net worth at around $6 million, and the results show that the number has prospects of growing in the near future.

Family: brother

Michael Pitt is the son of Gilbert Pitt, who was a hospitality worker in the medical field while his mother, Marry Lindsey. At the time of Pitt’s birth, his parents resided with his other siblings – two girls identified as Alison Pitt and Stacy Pitt – in West Orange, New Jersey, United States. Regarding his brother, however, it has not been announced with certainty that the actor has a brother, although some sources have speculated that Pitt has an older brother, but as for the actor, he has not come out to accept such claims.

His parents, who had a rough marriage for a while, finally separated Pitt in 1985 when he was about four years old. The experience was not easy for young Pitt, but he found solace in his new friend, the guitar.

Does Michael Pitt have a girlfriend?

Pitt comes to his romantic involvements, they are known to have been with Alexis Dzienza for four years, from 2000 to 2004. Their relationship seems to be going strong in the early days and everyone expected them to take the next step, but that never happened when it all fell apart in a deck of cards. He began an affair with famous Italian actress Asia Argento, but the relationship only lasted a year before they went their separate ways.

In 2005, Pitt ventured into another relationship for the third time, this time with Jamie Bochert. They have been together ever since and are keeping their fingers crossed that the long term relationship will hopefully end in marriage as the relationship has been on a smooth path from the start.


The first feature you notice when you see Michael Pitt would be his very tall height of around 5ft 11 inches. Also, his subtle blue eyes that match his brown hair and excellent physique cannot go unnoticed.

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