Who is Joseph Mazzello? His Net Worth, Age, Biography, Is He Gay?

In the early 90s, Joseph Mazzello was known for stealing hearts with his superb portrayal of the character Tim Murphy in Steven Spielberg. Jurassic Park. The film officially launched his acting career as it received many positive reviews and earned him the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor Co-Starring in a Motion Picture Drama as well as a Saturn Award nomination for Best performance of a young actor. Subsequently, Mazzello began appearing in several other movies and TV series and he even went ahead to try his hand at directing as he is credited as the director of the 2016 film Unveiled in which he played Pat Murray.

Since his debut as an actor, Joseph Mazzello has also distinguished himself by maintaining his childlike appearance. Jurassic Park star appears to be as young as he was when he was a child.

Biography, Age: Who is Joseph Mazzello?

The former child actor was born the son of JosephMazello Jr and Virginia on September 21, 1983, in the town of Rhinebeck, New York, but according to some records he spent most of his years in Hyde Park, in New York State. On his father’s side, Joseph Mazello has Italian, German and Jewish lineage, while his mother’s ancestry is said to be Irish and English. Apart from him, his parents had two other children, a girl named Mary who happens to be Mazello’s older sister and their last child was a boy named John. The actor’s father reportedly owned a dance studio, which certainly spurred Mazzello and his brother on to pursue a career in entertainment, as John is also an actor.

Joseph Mazzello had his early education at a Catholic school called Our Lady of Lourdes, after which he went to the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, where he studied seriously and graduated in 2001. It was also on the record that the director of his breakthrough film – Jurassic Park penned a commendation note that won him admission to the University and earnings from a cameo in the 1997 version of the film titled The Lost World: Jurassic Park set about paying his tuition.

Prior to his appearance in Jurassic Park, Mazello had landed a few roles in movies like Presumed Innocent alongside popular actor Harrison Ford. He can also be seen as a supporting actor in the 1992 film Flyer Radio for which he was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor Under 10 in a Motion Picture. Joseph Mazzello was also featured as Dexter in The Treatment which was released in 1995 and his brilliant performance in the widely acclaimed 2010 film The Social Network for his role as Dustin Moskovitz. More recently, her best film is the 2018 Bohemian Rhapsodywhich describes the biography of the former English music group Queen. He has also made guest appearances on several television sitcoms including Providence, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without A Trace, The Pacific, Coma, Person Of Interest and his last appearance so far was in the series 2016 Elementary.

Besides, our adorable kid turned veteran actor has also directed a few films and he is credited for his work as a director in the 2016 movie Undrafted.

Net value

From his childhood acting till now, Joseph Mazzello has diligently led an admirable career in the film industry which has earned him a net worth of $1.5 million. The figure is likely to improve as it progresses.

Is he gay?

Joseph Mazzello is definitely not a gay man. However, his sexuality has come under scrutiny due to his appearance in the recent 2018 film Bohemian Rhapsody, a true story about the music group Queen where he was cast as John Deacon, the bassist. Although his character in the film is not gay, the band’s lead singer Freddie Mercury was a gay man known for his sexual escapades with a plethora of men.

Also, it should be known that the work of MazzelloJohn Deacon is still a married man with six adorable children. Sadly, Freddie’s life was claimed after his struggles with AIDS.

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