Who is Jimmy O Yang? 6 facts about the American-Chinese actor

Jimmy O Yang is fast becoming a star in the American entertainment industry. He has embarked on a multidimensional career that spans acting, comedy, and writing. However, he is best known for his acting skills. He burst into the limelight after appearing in the American sitcom TV series Silicon Valley Meanwhile, Jimmy is a Chinese immigrant who came to the United States over a decade ago and had his college education in the US city of California. Read on as we take you through the life of the American-Chinese actor.

Who is Jimmy O Yang?

Jimmy O Yang is an aspiring Chinese-American actor, comedian and writer. He was born on June 11, 1987. The writer was born Au-yeung Man-Sing in the famous Chinese city of Hong Kong. However, the identity of his parents is unknown. Information about his family indicates that Jimmy has brothers, but their names and occupations are unknown.

The actor lived in Hong Kong with some of his family members before moving to the US to be with his aunt and grandmother. The primary reason for his family’s migration to the United States was for him and his siblings to be able to access better schools. The high school Jimmy O Yang attended remains a mystery, but he received his college education from the University of California, San Diego, where he majored in economics.

After graduating from college, Jimmy got a job at a financial organization called Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. It is not known how many years he spent there, but his acting career started in 2012 when he appeared in the TV series. 2 broke girls He saw more of Jimmy over the next year when he appeared on two other television series Agents of SHIELD and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

His next role was as a character named Phil on the comedy series Things You Shouldn’t Say After Midnight. This series tells the story of a variety of relationships that emphasize the idea that nothing good happens after midnight. The most popular role Jimmy has played so far is his role in the TV series Silicon Valley , which started in 2014 as Jian Yang.

Aside from the series mentioned above, Jimmy has acted in several other films such as Drunken History and Off the Boat. He made his film debut in the 2013 American comedy film The Internship The majority of the roles he took on in films were underage and largely unedited.

It was pretty slow for a comedian Jimmy, he’s had quite a few stand-up events throughout his career. He made his comedy debut on the night on the Arsenio Hall Show, whereupon he received critical acclaim for his performance.

6 facts about the American-Chinese actor

1. Other endeavors

Before pursuing acting and comedy, the Chinese actor was a disc jockey at a strip club where he entertained club members with music and made sure they were having a good time. It’s a bit difficult to accept, but this time DJ was also a consultant at Harlem Globetrotters. It was more of a day consultation where he got $200.

In addition to his work as a counselor, he is also the author of the nonfiction book How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents The book focuses on his life as a Chinese migrant who wanted to pursue a career in the American Hollywood film industry.

2. The “Chinese” factor

Of Chinese descent, Jimmy O Yang was both a curse and a blessing. Most Asian families expect their children to pursue careers such as doctors, lawyers and others. As expected, his family is not happy with his involvement in Hollywood or comedy.

On the plus side, he is a Chinese immigrant from the US pursuing an unconventional profession in China, thus making him a source of encouragement to other Asians like him. Some of the roles he got are due to certain traits related to being Chinese, such as: B. his accent and his ability to play ping-pong, among other things.

3. His family

The identities of his family members are unknown, none of them are into showbiz; However, your pictures are on the internet. Jimmy appears to be close to his family as he frequently posts pictures of them on his social media handles.

4. Relationship life

Nothing is currently known about the comedianslove life. He hasn’t been spotted by any lady, and hasn’t admitted he’s interested in anyone. In fact, there are no records of past relationships either. But as is the case with most celebrities, he may be in a secret relationship, away from the public eye, and he may soon surprise everyone with a wedding invitation.

5. His net worth

Jimmy O Yang has held several jobs, mostly odd ones such as a DJ at a strip club, a one-day consultant, an Uber cab driver, and so on. However, he is a professional actor and comedian. These two jobs make him better known. For all his work as an actor and comedian, he was able to make a fortune of an impressive $1 million.

6. Social Media Presence

The American-Chinese actor has been on social media for a while and seems to be loved by many. Jimmy O Yang has over 46,900 followers on Twitter and over 118,200 followers on Instagram. He is also active on his accounts and often shares updates about his life. He recently called out a lesbian celebrity as his crush.

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