Who is Eva Braun – the wife of Adolf Hitler? His Children, Cause of Death, Quick Facts

Arguably, Eva Braun’s biggest mistake was falling in love with the wrong man. The Munich individual has not reached the age of 35 but his life has been eventful. His life chronologically echoed themes of joy, hope, romance, despair and tragedy until his ultimate suicide in 1945. The second half of his life can be linked to one man, arguably the dictator most famous since the early 1900s. – Adolf Hitler.

Eva was 17 when she met Hitler. At the time, she was working for one of his employees. Their meeting quickly evolved into a romantic relationship, even if it is well hidden from the public, so as not to harm his reputation and his image. Her long-standing desire to be officially recognized as Adolf’s wife did not materialize until the day of their suicide. Interestingly, in life she never saw him as the ruthless dictator he was.

Who is Eva Braun – the wife of Adolf Hitler?

Eva Anna Paula Braun was born in Munich, Germany on February 6, 1912 to Friedrich Braun, a German school teacher, and Franziska Kronberger, a seamstress. The marriage also produced two more children, Ilse Braun who was older than Eva and Gretl Braun who was younger.

Her growing up years were no different from those of most teenage girls at the time. She was interested in fashion, make-up, romantic relationships and anything that occupied the minds of her peers.

During her time in a Catholic school, Eva gained average grades and was not really interested in education. She eventually dropped out and studied for a year at a business school affiliated with a Catholic school. After her studies, she held several positions, including that of saleswoman, then saleswoman and apprentice photographer with Heinrich Hoffman, official photographer of Adolf Hitler. It was through him that she was introduced to Hitler in 1929 while she was in Heinrich’s shop. She was only 17 at the time, while Hitler was 40.

In the early 1930s, Eva Braun and Hilter became more intimate despite her father’s deep opposition. This was especially after Hitler’s half-niece, Geli Raubal, who was also his mistress and roommate, committed suicide. However, the German dictator continued to focus more on his political ambitions to the detriment of his relationship with Eva. In 1932, in an attempt to get his attention, she attempted suicide and failed.

After her suicide attempt, Braun, who had learned the ropes of the photographer’s trade, was promoted by Hoffman and became part of Hitler’s entourage during his many travels.

She again attempted suicide three years later, 1935 by swallowing a handful of sleeping pills. This time Hitler got the memo. He began to spend more time with her, buying her an apartment and later moving her to his home in Berghof in the Bavarian Alps in 1936. become public, they have never attended any event. or public service together.

Eva Braun was devoted to the German war machine to the death, but never saw it as the monster her countrymen accused her of being. Having no influence on her political decisions and leanings, she focused instead on leisure. She frequently visited cinemas, went shopping, and participated in sports such as swimming, skiing, and gymnastics.

What was the cause of his death?

At first, as the bells of impending war Eva Braun were not worried. She didn’t start getting restless until the end of the war. Indeed, the three-way Germany-Italy-Japan alliance was losing the war to the Allies – now known as the United Nations – and Hitler was growing restless.

Many fellow Hitlerites fled in fear of their lives, but Eva Braun was one of the few people who stayed by his side. The Axis powers continued to lose on the battlefield, and Hitler had been tempted many times, leaving him shaken and often injured.

Seeing her unwavering loyalty to him, Hitler finally married Eva on April 29, 1945. It was a private ceremony that took place in his bunker. The next day, April 30, 1945, for fear of being captured by enemy troops, Eva sat in the study next to her newly married husband, who had shot himself in the head and bitten a capsule. of cyanide. Their bodies were taken out and burned in the garden of the Reich Chancellery.

Did Eva Braun have children?

Many have struggled to understand the kind of intimacy Eva shared with Hitler. For a woman whose status as a wife was not known until after her death, there are many indications that their relationship was more about commitment and less about intimacy. It is widely believed that Braun and Hitler did not share the same bed or room in their final days in the bunker. Hitler would never have wanted children either, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Eva Braun died childless.

Quick Facts About Eva Braun

1. Eva attended a Catholic business school for a year

2. She began a secret relationship with Hitler in the early 1930s despite her father’s vehement warnings and opposition.

3. While signing her marriage certificate under her new name, Eva Hitler, she first wrote the letter ‘B’ representing her family before striking it out and writing ‘Hitler’ instead.

4 Eva’s husband, Hitler, had his dog Blondi tested for the cyanide pills he had ordered for his suicide. Blondi was shot on April 29, 1945, and her puppies, along with Eva’s dogs Negus and Stasi, were killed the following day, after Hitler and Hitler were killed.

5. Eva and Hitler actually took the time to say goodbye to their closest friends and confidants about two hours before they retired to Hitler’s office and committed suicide.

6. Eva opted for the capsule instead of a shot because she wanted to “look beautiful in death.”

7. The bodies of Eva, Hitler and a few others were exhumed by a Soviet KGB team in 1970 and cremated. Their ashes were thrown into the Biederitz River.

8. All of Eva Braun’s immediate family survived the war.

9. Her younger sister, Gretl, gave her daughter the name Eva.

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