Who is Danny John-Jules’ wife, how old is he? Here are facts you need to know

Danny John-Jules is a professional dancer, singer, and actor who has been rocking screens — big and small — for over two decades. Although he started dancing before acting, he is best known for his role as Cat in the British comedy series Nain rouge and as policeman Dwayne Myers in the popular detective series Death in Paradise.

Learn more about the dancer-turned-actor, Danny John-Jules was born in the metropolitan city of Paddington, London. Although the identities of his parents are not known, it is known that his mother worked in the courts and both parents were originally from Dominica but moved to Britain aboard the HMT Empire Windrush.

It is uncertain how many siblings he has, however, he has a lawyer brother. Danny grew up in Notting Hill, England and attended Rutherford Comprehensive School from 1972 to 1977, where he learned gymnastics.

Who is Danny John-Jules?

Danny John-Jules is popular for his acting roles but he is also a voice actor, singer and dancer. Prior to moving into television and movies, he was a dancer in a group called “Second Generation.” Among other dance productions, Danny was among the dancers in the Wham! video for Sky’s Edge. In this video, he danced alongside singer George Micheal. He made another dancing appearance on the television series Lena Zararoni in 1981 and paid tribute to her on his website.

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