Vijay Singh Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Quick Facts

Indo-Fijo professional golfer, Vijay Singh has many interesting stories among golfers and followers of the game. He is one of the most successful people in the game with over 50 tournaments under his belt. Here’s everything you need to know about the interesting golfer.

Biography of Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh was born on February 22, 1963, in Lautoka, Fiji, to a father who, although an aircraft technician, also found time to teach golf. He was raised by his parents; Mohan (father) and mother (Parwati). It was alongside his other siblings, Krishna Mira and Anita that they were raised by their parents in a financially disadvantaged family.

Because he is of Hindu origin, Vijay and his child experienced a lot of prejudice. However, that did not stop him from using everything possible to play the golf his father taught him using an old abandoned course very close to the airport where he worked. It didn’t mean that the two were close as he grew up very close to his mother than his disciplinarian father.

Although Vijay Singh was also fond of other sports like football, rugby and snooker, it was golf that attracted him the most. By his early teens, the man who would grow to rule the golfing world had started competing in local tournaments winning a fair number and, more importantly, building his talent and confidence.

By the time Singh had reached 16, he decided to go with golf rather than schooling and it broke the hearts of his parents who relied on him to complete his education and help the struggling family. Without doing much after 3 years, the golfer decided it was time to move to Australia and pursue his career in the right way. He didn’t find it easy in Australia where he faced poverty and racism.

The years to come saw the man failing again and again and moving from place to place as he worked with different golf clubs and even once as a bouncer. Although he racked up a lot of debt, he didn’t give up until it was all paid off in 1992 when he became a name to reckon with having won two tournaments in Europe, another in Asia and various others, including the 1988 Nigeria Open which was his first win as a pro – he became the first man of color to win the event which got the fans very excited.

From then on, his career took a rather grand path and in the coming years he would record 34 PGA Tour wins, 13 European Tour wins and 5 Asia tours. It also has 2 PGA Tour Champions, as well as many other tournaments.

Having had a very successful career, he was ranked No. 1 in sports in 2004 and 2005. He remained in the No. 1 rank in the Official World Golf Rankings for 32 weeks. More so, he has received numerous awards to his name including the Byron Nelson Award, European Tour Player of the Year and PGA Player of the Year in 2004.

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His wife and children

One of the few people who was with Singh through all his struggles until he became the best golfer in the world is his wife, Ardena Seth. The two have been married since 1985 before he even made a name for himself as a golfer.

He and Ardena Seth who is a Malaysian have a son together, Qass Seth and he was born in 1990.

Vijay Singh ‘s Net Worth

Although he grew up struggling, Vijay Singh saw his earnings reach over $2 million in 2000 and by 2001 he had already recorded $3 million. He would continue to steadily increase his income and was worthy that in 2015 he was ranked among the top 10 richest golfers. At the time, it was estimated he had as much as $75 million. It will continue and record the same value in 2017.

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Height and other quick facts

1. He is 1.88m (6ft 2in) tall.

2. The man did many other jobs, including teaching, carpentry and emptying.

3. Vijay was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2005. Aged 42, he was the youngest to be elected.

4. Along with his wife, Ardena Seth, Vijay fought great poverty and overcame it via golf before becoming the best at some point.

5. He broke a record at the Houston Open in 2005 when he became the tournament’s first repeat winner.

6. No one has won tournaments after turning 40 quite like Singh.

7. When they were children, the man and his brother, Krishna played golf, but it was Krishna who was better then.

8. He is a charitable man, and he founded the Vijay Singh Charitable Foundation, which helps women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

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