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The name Summitt was made popular in America’s late Pat Summitt, who was the head coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols team for a long time. Her son Tyler Summitt hoped to continue the legacy she had built. Unfortunately, he found himself embroiled in a scandal that truncated his coaching career and cost him his wife. Tyler Summitt is now better known for all the wrong reasons.

Although his Wikipedia page still has “coaching basketball” as his profession, Summitt has been out of coaching since 2016 and, given the magnitude of his actions, there’s a good chance Tyler will never be able to give coaching again. orders on a professional trading floor. However, that does not mean that Tyler’s life has come to a halt, yes he was wrong, he regrets it and finds it hard to bear the fact that he tarnished his mother’s legacy, but the young man is gone and lives another life different from basketball and as far away from the spotlight as possible.

Tyler Summit’s bio

Tyler was born as Ross Tyler Summitt on September 21, 1990 in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is the only child of the late Pat Summitt and her ex-husband RB Summitt, II. Born to a mother who coached the University of Tennessee women’s basketball team, Summitt grew up to love basketball.

In fact, her mother hadn’t nursed until a year old when she led the Lady Vols to the World Championship title in 1991. Accompanying her mother to practice and traveling with her for games and more, Summitt was naturally interested in sports. He played in high school and with his mother coaching him, he had the advantage of becoming phenomenal, and he was.

As a senior at the Webb School of Knoxville, SummittHe received numerous accolades, including Scholar-Athlete of the Year and the school’s coveted “Spartan Award.” He attended the University of Tennessee, where he continued to play basketball. However, his college career was only short-lived as he only played two seasons. But Summitt wasn’t giving up on basketball, he was just looking to follow in his mother’s footsteps to become a coach.

Fresh out of college in 2012 with a BA in Communication, Summitt began her professional coaching career as an assistant for the Marquette University women’s basketball team coached by Terri Mitchel. Two years on the team’s offense from 2012 to 2014 was enough to land him his first head coaching job, which was awarded to him at Louisiana Tech University in April 2014. While working at Marquette, Tyler completed a master’s degree in leadership.

Summitt was doing well to continue his mother’s legacy, but unfortunately an inappropriate relationship with one of his players saw him kiss his $175,000/year goodbye and, even worse, his career took a beating. interrupted. More on this inappropriate relationship, anon.

To make matters worse for the young man, his mother Pat lost her five-year bout with Alzheimer’s disease two months later, in June 2016. If comforting, Tyler was named heir to his mother’s enviable estate. For the rest of his life, he should receive his state pension worth $173,520 a year.

After his shameful resignation, Summitt returned to Tennessee to study for an MBA which he earned in 2017. He now devotes his time to managing his mother’s estate, as well as other roles that require the expertise of an MBA holder.

Wife, divorce, business and relationships

Tyler Summitt, at the age of 23, in June 2013 married Anne Dennis Ragsdale, his high school sweetheart. For the duration of their relationship, they attended the same school. She has a degree in kinesiology (study of the mechanics of body movement) from Tennessee and a doctorate in physical therapy from Marquette University.

Their marriage ended in divorce in June 2017 following her husband’s confession that he had an affair with one of his players.

After his resignation was announced, the media began to speculate which players Summitt might have been involved with. The two suspects were Brooke Pumroy and Ashley Santos, whom he trained at Marquette. Both sophomore ladies moved alongside Summitt to Louisiana Tech. There were rumors that the Summitt affair had led to a pregnancy, but this was never confirmed.



Santos has taken to social media to dispel the rumours, posting a photo of her bare midriff to prove she wasn’t pregnant. This made Mrs Pumroy the only other suspect. Months before Summitt’s resignation, players and their parents claimed he was giving preferential treatment to Pumroy and would leave her despite her repeated mistakes. She practically ran the team with Summitt, they alleged.

Reports were presented to the authorities before the resignation of Tyler Summitts.

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