Tina Ball Biography, Health, Age, Height, What Happened?

For someone who devoutly follows the NBA and playing families, Tina Ball is someone you can easily get to know. She is a former college basketball player and a mother of the basketball trio of Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, and LaMelo Ball.

She has become very popular for always being there alongside her husband, LaVar Ball, for their children on and off the court. Here’s everything you want to know about her.

Tina Ball Biography and Age

It is as Tina Catherine Slatinsky that she was born on December 11, 1967 in Miami, Florida. His parents are Robert and Catherine Slatinsky. There is very little information about how she was raised, mainly because she is rather a very private person.

For her education, Tina attended Alta Loma High School in California and from there she moved to California State University, Los Angeles where she graduated in 1991. During her school years, Tina performed at basketball in both high school and college.

Although she did not play the game professionally, she did work in sports when she worked at Vernon Middle School in Montclair, California as the Director of Athletics.

His family

Tina met LaVar Ball, the man she would spend decades to come while still in college. According to LaVar, who started out in Washington before moving to California, he was almost instantly attracted to the beautiful young woman immediately after seeing her and he spoke to her.

A few years later, the two got married in 1996, and remained as close as ever for over 20 years down the line. The couple have three children: Lonzo, born in 1997, LiAngelo (1998) and LaMelo (2001). All the boys are looking for a career in basketball.

LaVar Ball who is now a businessman and a media personality was at the time he met Tina Ball a footballer and basketball player. A massive and sometimes controversial voice, LaVar, founder of the Junior Basketball Association (JBA), has maintained an enviable relationship with his wife and a great closeness with his entire family.

All star family members in the web television series, Ball in the Family . The show which airs on Facebook documents the life of the Ball family members, starting from personal and professional life. It started airing in 2017 and still has over a million viewers.

Another thing the Ball family is into is isbusiness, operating on the 3B brand. Tina Ball has been heavily involved in the overall business, which includes a line of men’s and women’s clothing under the names Lady 3 B and Girl 3 B. There are also 3B shoes among other investments.

State of health, what happened to him?

A person who is still with his family, when Tina was absent from her son’s games, it was easily noticed and people started to speculate that she might be suffering from health issues. In the end, she was indeed suffering from a medical condition. She suffered a severe stroke in February 2017.

The health issue left her in hospital for months and it affected her speech, although she is expected to make a full recovery. More so, to the extent that she couldn’t speak, LaVar Ball revealed that she was able to understand everything that was going on around her as well as everything that was being said, and she smiled.

Before too long, Tina was on her feet and able to speak again, albeit slowly, but she was definitely building on that. All things being equal, she is expected to make a full recovery in the near future.

Tina Ball Height and Body Measurements

Now over 50 years old, Tina Ball is still a very beautiful woman who has a nice build and is still rather athletic. The former college basketball player also has a nice height and generally good body measurements. His height is 1.85m (6ft 1in) while his weight is unknown as is his full body measurements.

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