Ted Knight – Biography, Height, Net worth, Wife, Children, Death

Ted Knight was an American television and film actor. He was widely known for his numerous performances as a talented voice actor. He has appeared in a number of comedies including Caddyshack where he played the role of judge Elihu Smails, The Mary Tyler Moore Show where he also played Ted Baxter in Too Close for Comfort which played the character Henry Rush. Knight was a two-time Emmy Award winner for his role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, in addition to six nominations. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1985 for contributions to the television industry.

Ted Knight’s biography

Ted Knight (birth name Tadeusz Wladyslaw Konopka) was born on December 7, 1923 in Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA. His parents were of Polish descent and came from modest backgrounds. He dropped out of high school to join the US military during World War II. During the war, Knight turned out to possess excellent fighting skills. As a testament to his combat prowess on the European battlefields, he had earned five Battle Stars upon his return from the war.

After returning to the United States from the war, Knight turned his attention to building an acting career, which led him to acting classes that gave him the skills necessary to land a job with a Rhode Island television station. With practice, he became a ventriloquist, and ever since his first job, which was a children’s show with lots of puppets, he’s never run out of work.

After five years working in Rhode Island, TedKnight went to New York to find better opportunities. He soon got a job offer at WROW TV presenting a morning show. In addition, he was asked to work as an on-air personality at WROW’s radio station. He enjoyed playing both roles until the late 1950s, when his mentor and boss urged him to seriously consider working in Hollywood, where he would really maximize the benefits of his talents.

Ted Knight took his boss’s advice and moved to Hollywood to broaden his horizons. He spent his early years in Hollywood, playing minor roles in television shows and a few films. During this time he also spoke extensively for television and radio commercials.

By the early ’60s, Knight began taking longer-lasting and more prominent roles on television shows such as CBS’s The New Loretta Young Show where he played the role of Haskell and ABC ‘s The Young Married Couples in which he played the role of Phil Sterling.

He has also appeared regularly on shows such as How to Marry a Millionaire , The Donna Reed Show , The Invaders , The Invisible Enemy , The Man and the Challenge , Highway Patrolman Get Smart , Peter Gunn , Pete and Gladys , The Wild Wild West , Bourbon Street Beat , The Eleventh Hour , Gomer Pyle , Goldmine , The Lieutenant , Combat and many others.

Ted Knight’s film roles include the role of Professor Vasheen Mann on Strings Samuel in 13 Men Fighting , To Kill Sergeant Denton in Twelve Hours , Dan Mers in Evil Cage , Lieutenant Glick in Happy Cry , Major Buch in Hitler among others.

With a unique voice and tempo, Knight presented himself with a number of opportunities for voiceover work. He landed many jobs as a narrator for cartoons and animated films, as well as for television series, including Super Friends , Superhero , and Fantastic Journey, to name a few. His voice also gave him the ability to sing many comical songs.

Wealth (income and earnings)

At the time of his death, Ted Knight had a net worth $10 million. As with most successful Hollywood stars, Knight’s income came from his multiple earnings, and he did well to maintain a stable financial status throughout his life.

About Ted Knight’s wife and children

Ted Knight was married to whom Dorothy Smith had three children, Elyse, Eric and Ted Jr. Ted Knight remained married to Smith until his death in 1986. Dorothy Smith was born in Connecticut, USA in January 1923. She died many years after her husband in October 2005. The widow, who never remarried, was 82 years old.

His death

Ted Knight was diagnosed with cancer in 1977. He underwent a series of treatments to improve the situation and was given a break. However, the disease recurred in 1985, affecting his bladder and other internal organs. He underwent surgery to remove a tumor that led to complications, deteriorating health and eventual his untimely death in August 1986. The TV star was 63 years old.


Ted Knight was a great man. He stood at a height of 175 cm. Knight was so graceful that he couldn’t resist his signature smile, which made his blue eyes pop even more.

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