Ted Cassidy – Actor and Voice Actor Bio, Celebrity Facts and Profile

Some Hollywood stars like Ted Cassidy have left audiences in a state of nostalgia as they took their final bow. Famed for his oddities, the late movie star was one of the most recognizable Hollywood actors. Those distinctive features included his imperious body and a deep baritone voice that supported the unusual characters he played in films. Though he never revealed where he got his aspiration for acting, he was proud to say his physique offered him a chance in Hollywood. His role as Lurch on The Addams family drew a lot of attention and propelled his career to unexpected heights. For the recording, Ted had not only used his voice in films; He also released two songs with Capitol Record.

Ted Cassidy – Bio, Profile of the Actor and Voice Actor

Cassidy was born on July 31, 1932 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA and he spent his early years in Philippi, West Virginia. Not much is known about his parents, but he possessed amazing intelligence from an early age, and this natural gift catapulted him to high school at an early age. Aside from the fact that his high school days were characterized by excellence despite his active involvement in basketball and football, Ted Cassidy was the center of attention. He was already 15cm tall and was constantly bullied by his seniors who saw him as a threat.

After graduating from college in WestVirginia Wesleyan in Buckhannon, West Virginia attended Stetson University in DeLand, Florida and became an active participant in student government. Cassidy played basketball for the Stetson Hatters from 1952 to 1955 before earning a degree in Speech and Drama in 1956.

Celebrity Facts About Ted Cassidy

  • previous career

As previously mentioned, Ted was an exceptional actor who made notable contributions to Hollywood with his enormous stature and deep voice. Before his journey to his distinguished career, he worked as a lifeguard at Ormond Beach and as a lunchtime disc jockey at radio station WFAA-AA. This job gave him the opportunity to cover the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and he was one of the first to interview eyewitnesses such as WE Newman Jr. and Gayle Newman.

  • acting magic

Ted Cassidy began his career as a voice actor in Angry Red Planet after a successful audition. This role showed how perfectly his natural foundations suited villain roles. So he began acting in films with a perfect portrayal of villains. He hid traces of passion and tenderness in science fiction and fantasy series such as I dream of jeannie and Star Trek

Ted’s popularity began to soar with more and more diverse roles, and his voice was consistently used in almost every major scream. This unique baritone was adopted in 2000’s Birdman and the Galaxy Trio , Blaze Glory , The Incredible Hulk , Goliath, and it was used extensively on the roars and growls of the Godzilla cartoon series. He also voiced Metallus, Moltar, and Tarko the Terrible in the Space Ghost series, which ran from 1966 to 1968. Many still doubt that he was the voice behind Brainiac and the Black Manta on the Super Friend Show.

Ted Cassidy also played Injun Joe on the NBC show The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 1968. He made a guest appearance on The Man from UNCLE (1967), Lost in Space (1965), The Beverly Hillbillies (1967), Tarzan , Mannix (1968), Gold Mine , The Bionic Woman , and Daniel Boone (1964).

  • music exploits

Ted’s voice wasn’t just used in movies; He was also an accomplished musician. His flair for music was noticed in 1965 when he released two songs, The Lurch and Wesley , on a 7 inch vinyl with Capitol Records. He performed the song The Lurch for the first time on the show on Shivaree before his second appearance on the Halloween show Shindig !

  • Recent career achievements

He appeared in several films before finally succumbing to his death in 1979. Notable among them are Mackenna’s Gold (1969), The Limit (1972), Charcoal Black (1972), Thunder County (1974), Poor Pretty Eddie (1975), Harry and Walter Go to New York (1976), The Last Remake of Beau Ceste (1977) and Entering Coconuts (1978).

  • Personal life

He married Margaret Helen Jesse on June 14, 1956, soon after graduating from university. Their son Sean was born in 1957 and their daughter Cameron was born in 1960. His two children are currently lawyers. Ted Cassidy and Margaret Helen divorced in 1975.

  • death

Ted Cassidy died on January 16, 1979 at St. Vincent Medical Center, Los Angeles, from complications from cardiac surgery performed to remove a non-malignant tumor. His body was cremated after his death. Hollywood has yet to find a suitable replacement for Ted.

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