Tait Fletcher – Biography, 5 Facts You Must Know About American Actor

Stuntman, fighter and actor, Tait Fletcher would certainly understand the concept of change better than any other person. At a time when many were expecting him to retire and relax, he surprised the world by embarking on a whole new career and making himself a champion. He didn’t stop there either, he also decided to pursue his interest in acting and pursue a career and it was no less a success than his other two pursuits. Without saying a word, Trait Fletcher has done really well as an actor. Here’s how it all started for him.

Trait Fletcher’s biography

The famous actor with stuntman Trait Fletcher was born on the 2nd of July 1971 in Alpena, Michigan, USAof America Other details about his family and siblings are hard to come by at the moment. At a young age, Trait received a scholarship to a classical literature degree program at St. John’s College in Santa Fe.

With a weary craving after his studies, Tait joined the renowned Jackson-Winklejoa MMA gym. Over the next decade he rose to become one of the best grapplers in the world with medals won in so many competitions and championships. With a black belt earned in Brazilian jiujitsu and stick fights won with his brotherhood of dog brothers and stray dogs, Tait Fletcher made a solid mark in the sands of MMA and went a long way in helping the game rise.

5 facts you need to know about the American actor


Tait Fletcher recorded a great performance in MMA, winning hundreds of matches and playing at a high level. With his desire to find new reasons to fight, Tait saw leaving MMA and becoming a stuntman as a better option for his burgeoning career. This was short-lived, however, as most of the directors and officials who worked with him saw him more as an on-screen personality, so it turned out to be a welcome challenge.

From working as a stuntman in such hits as Paul , Thor, and Red Dawn , to serious roles in films such as Last Stand and 2 Guns Tait has risen to seminal films such as Jumanji , John Wick and The Accountant.

His success with these films broke new ground for the stuntman, whose career has made remarkable strides that have seen him nominated for and won a number of awards. Of the numerous nominations to his name, Tait Fletcher added to his hit package a Screen Actors Guild Award for Breaking Bad , which he won in 2014.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Tait Fletcher’s growing fame through his career’s rise from a fighter to a stuntman and now an actor would no doubt have rewarded him well, especially given that he’s been a part of some truly commercially successful films. He is believed to make quite a fortune from his entire working career. The actor has managed to amass a net worth on the order of $2 million.

Marital status of Tait Fletcher

The actor is known to keep a low profile when it comes to his personal life, both on popular social network sites where he seems to be very active, and in interviews. It has been suggested that the on-screen personality could be gay, but with no facts to support this, Tait Fletcher is definitely straight. With no details on his dating history, it becomes so difficult for his fans to actually make a choice as to who his girlfriend might be.

other aspirations

As fierce as he looks and as mean as his career profile might have shown, it’s fascinating to note that Fletcher is still involved in educating and getting along with the younger generation on the right nutrient for a fit and healthy body to speak. Well educated on nutrition and functional exercise, he has consistently taken the time to educate on the importance of a healthy body. Without hesitation, its followers on both popular social networks; Twitter and Instagram, always applaud his nugget of wisdom.

body stat

Tait Fletcher is 6ft 3″ (1.91m) and has a massive body weight which has not yet been released.

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