Taco Charlton Bio, Height, Weight, Body Stats, Parents, Family

The number one sport in America is American football, with the college and professional forms being the most popular. Most of the famous football players started their career in a college team and later got recruited into the professional team. Taco Charlton, the American who played for the University of Michigan football team and is now the defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys is certainly no exception.

Beyond his career, this piece has covered other things you might need to know about him; from his biography, parents and family to his body stats, here are the facts of Taco’s life.

Charlton Organic Taco

This football star was born as Vidauntae Charlton to his parents on November 7, 1994. His mother Tamara was placed in rest while she was pregnant with him, he reportedly showed signs suggesting he was going to be a premature baby . Meanwhile, the ad campaign for Taco Bell with the caption “flee the border” was airing and seemed to aptly explain what the unborn baby was doing.

As such, his grandmother started calling him Taco and his mother started writing the name on all of her cards. At the time of his birth, he had a nickname that has stuck to this day.

Taco was born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Pickerington, Ohio. He has a younger sister as his only brother. As a child, he was not fond of football, but was a fan of the Ohio State team. Being a fan was pretty much ingrained in him when he lived in that neighborhood. Little did he know that fate was going to give him a boost by having him play for a rival team. His dream, however, was to play basketball in college, he admits he only played football initially just to please his dad but hey, life happens.

In high school, Taco Charlton played basketball, and was good at it. Commuting between his love for basketball and following his father’s love for football was quite difficult for him, however. He had to lose up to 12 pounds every spring to get in shape for basketball, then put on 20-30 pounds to be fit enough for football – such pressure! He also had a record 19 sacks and 116 tackles.

Upon graduating from high school in Pickerington, Ohio at Pickerington High School Central, he went on a football scholarship to the University of Michigan and played college football. Taco had a very interesting time at Michigan that led to it being named by the media and coaches as one of the top ten All-Big defensive teams. In 2013, he appeared in 10 games as a rookie and was the defensive back. The following year, as a sophomore, he appeared in 12 games making a one-to-one debut while recording 3.5 sacks and 19 tackles. As a junior, he recorded 5.5 sacks and 30 tackles in the 13 games he played. Taco as a senior recorded 38 tackles and an incredible 10 sacks;

On April 27, 2017, after so much anticipation, Jerry Jones of the Cowboys called and Taco’s professional career began. He signed a $10.02 million deal with the Dallas Cowboys on a four-year deal that included a $5.43 million signing bonus and $7.73 million guaranteed. He recorded his first tackle in the game against the Denver Broncos, which the Cowboys sadly lost. With the first season over and the second about to begin, Taco and Cowboys fans have their fingers crossed for this football player.

His nickname seems to open up sponsorship deals for him. These include the Taco Bueno and Big Red partnership deals.

His parents and his family

Tamara Charlton is the mother of this fast rising football player. He adores his mother so much that he tweeted on a Mother’s Day, in which he called her “everything” and the strongest person he knows. His father’s name is Norm Charlton.

His mother had him as a teenager, at 16; and married her father four years after taco was born. They own the Inspirational Design Group which is a beauty salon and hair salon in East Columbus.

Height, weight and body statistics

Taco Charlton is not the tallest player in the NFL but he is definitely a tall man as he is 6 inches taller than 6 feet (198 cm). The Dallas Cowboys defensive end weighs 122 kg (270 lb). Although other details of his body stats are yet to be confirmed, his arm length measures 34 1/4 ( 0.87 m ) and his hand height is 3/4 in ( 0.25 m) .

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