Steve Nash Wife, Divorce, Children, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Born on February 7, 1974, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Steve Nash is arguably the most famous and successful basketball player Canada has ever produced. From Phoenix Suns to Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers, Nash parted ways with the NBA courts in 2015.

History will never forget Mr. Nash’s actions and accomplishments in the NBA. But, that’s a story for another day. Here, the narrative is mostly about the former professional basketball player’s love life, his children, and his net worth. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Wife, divorce, girlfriend and children of Steve Nash

Being a superstar and one of the most iconic figures in the field where he made his profession, it was almost impossible for Nash to hide anything about his life from the public. This has been the case for his love life, his romantic relationships have been and will likely remain a thing of public interest.

Given this, it is common knowledge that Mr. Nash was married to Alejandra Amarilla. As far as we can tell, the ex-NBA star met Amarilla in 2001, in Manhattan. From one thing to another, they became serious friends and then lovers before finally deciding to become life partners with each other.

The Paraguay film producer and the iconic point keeper got married in June 2005. But they were already a family before they became man and wife. The previous year (2004) precisely on October 14, the duo welcomed a set of twin girls whom they named Bella and Lola. About five years after their marriage, it has been rumored that the couple are expecting another child. Amarilla gave birth to their son Matteo on November 12, 2010.

As everyone celebrated the arrival of the Newbie, Nash dropped a bombshell – the love between him and the mother of his twin daughters had turned sour. Announcing the birth of his son to the world, Nash said he was a happy but sad man. He revealed that he and Alejandra had been living apart for several months and revealed that they had started working to let go of their union.

That was pretty much sad news for Nash fans around the world. Many hoped the couple would sort out whatever their issue was. Much to their dismay, the Nash-Alejandra marriage officially fell apart in 2011. The reason for the breakdown of the marriage has been widely speculated, no one can tell what was wrong between the two. Nonetheless, his wife is believed to have cheated on him with then-teammate Jason Richardson.

Either way, parting ways with Alejandra wasn’t the end of love for Nash. He found himself a girlfriend after a few years. Lilla Frederick, a former United States junior women’s volleyball player became the love of her life. With the couple having had plenty of time touring Europe together, the tinkling of the wedding bell was widely anticipated. It happened in March 2016, Nash and Lilla were in Spain when he dropped to one knee and asked for her hand.

A few months later, somewhere in September, a fait accompli. Lilla became Nash’s wife. The marriage was consummated and soon after the couple welcomed their first child together, a son they named Luca Sun Nash. Little Sun was born in Los Angeles in July 2017. At the time of this report, Steve Nash and his family live in Southern California.

Net worth of Steve Nash

While it has been circulated that Steve Nash has a net worth $95 million, it is imperative to point out that this figure is only a rough estimate of the man’s wealth and not an accurate estimate of the value of his wealth.

Frankly, whatever information is used to guess or calculate the widely quoted amount as Nash’s net worth is most likely insufficient to capture the true value of his wealth. The former NBA star has a handful of investment portfolios and, at best, the details of raising assets are known to him and his wealth managers.

Thus, the figure that has been widely believed to represent the value of all non-financial and financial assets held by Nash is quite misleading. Although we can’t identify it as his net worth, here’s what we know – he earned as much as $13,125,000 in one season playing for the Phoenix Suns. His return to the Suns from the Dallas Mavericks in the 2004-05 season was facilitated by a six-year, $63 million contract.

During this time, he enjoyed lucrative sponsorship deals from high-profile establishments like Nike and Swiss luxury watch brand – Raymond Weil to name a few.

Height – How tall is Nash?

You don’t have to speculate how tall the Canadian is, here’s the fact – Steve Nash is 3 inches taller than 6 feet. Of course, his height was a big part of helping him achieve the respected status of being one of the best Point Guard basketball players in the history of the North American professional men’s basketball league – National Basket Ball Association (NBA).

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