Steve Howey – Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Children, Age and Height

As far as nothing fundamental contributes to the successHollywood’s appearance on hot women in the romantic sense is one of the highlights in an actor’s career that you will never see in public. It works on the same rule as the kiss and tell rule. Know it, but never say it publicly by rejoicing. In that regard, Steve Howey was incredibly lucky to play Kate Hudson’s love interest in not one, but two films.

Other than the joy that lipsticks with a The beautiful woman on screen, Howey is also known and has had other achievements as a Hollywood actor. He currently stars in Shameless as Kevin Ball. Read below to learn more.

Steve Howey’s Biography

Born Steven Michael Robert Howey in San Antonio,Texas on July 12, 1977, Steve is the child of Hollywood actor and acting coach Bill Howey and mother Carla Howey. He is the second son in a family of three; They would have been four, but the Howeys lost their second son, Chad Howey, in 1976 before Steve was born. Although born in the Lone Star State, Steve grew up in Colorado, specifically Denver, where he attended high school.

Before he started showing his acting talents as an adult in front of the camera, he showed another talent to hundreds of people. In high school, Steve was a basketball talent and earned a basketball scholarship to Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado.

Despite an initial lack of interest in becoming an actor, Steve became an actor under his father’s influence and set about earning his first reputation as a guest star in France on ER in 1994. After ER, he guest-starred on various other shows such as The Drew Carey Show and X files.

Things didn’t really evolve in the first four years of his career as a professional actor. However, that all changed in 1998. He starred in his father’s independent film project, Klasse. The film was submitted to the Denver International Film Festival and it was accepted, paving the way for Steve to see many industry greats. The plan paid off when Steve Howey began to star in many shows. After a few years of guest starring, he was cast as Van Montgomery in Reba, a sitcom on the CW Network. He was the lead actor on the 129-episode series from 2001 to 2007.

While on the show, he appeared in feature films such as Supercross and DOA: Dead or Alive After the end of Reba, Steve Howey’s next notable role was playing the love interest of Kate Hudson in Bride Wars The same year he had a starring role in the film Stan Helsing , playing the title character.

Before landing his role as Kevin Ball on Shameless in 2011, he guest-starred on other television shows including Psych and Ctrl. , Steve Howey as appeared on Shameless in 96 episodes so far. Meanwhile, as a Shameless performer, Steve has appeared in films and other TV shows. He has appeared in Sons of Anarchy, New Girl and Workaholics In films, he got another chance to play Kate Hudson’s love interest in Something Borrowed Other films include Fake Cops, See You in Valhalla , among others.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Despite the challenges, life as an actor has helped Steve Howey build a fortune of $3 million. He has the regular appearances on TV shows to give thanks for his wealth.

wife, children

Steve Howey has been married to Sarah Shahi since the couple became engaged in 2007 and have since had their children, William Wolf in 2009 and twins Violet Moon and Knox Blue in 2015. Steve’s wife Sarah is an Iranian-American who is also an actress. She is a former NFL cheerleader and currently stars in Reverie, an NBC show.


Steve Howey is a great actor. He stands at 6 feet and 4 inches. Perhaps due to his athletic background and the physical image required by Hollywood, Steve is an extremely fit man with a well defined physique. He weighs 84 kg with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

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