Steve Bacic – Bio, Wife, Kids, Family, Height, Other Facts

Celebrated by film lovers around the world, Steve Bacic is a multifaceted and talented actor, director and producer whose acting skills have had countless impacts on audiences. The Canadian actor has done everything from chills to acting exploits on screens big and small. Bacic portrayed the character of Telemachus, a profiteer, drunkard Nietzschean and former High Guard officer in a hit sci-fi television series AndromedaHe also appeared as Gaheris in the same series. The veteran actor has a rare natural affinity for the camera and coupled with his superb looks, the world of entertainment is the actor’s most natural choice.

Steve Bacic made his acting debut on the set of Street Justice and Jump Street and has since made several appearances in other productions such as; Hardball (1997), PRAYING MANTS (1994), Another Stakeout (1993), The Commish (1991), Profit (1996), Highlanders (1992) and Millennium (1997). Steve was also a part of The X-Files (1993), Viper (1996), The Outer Limits (1995) and The Marshal(1995). His big break came when he portrayed Sean Sonus on the set of the American superhero hit series Arrow

Steve Bacic – Bio

Although he grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, his birthplace is Lisičić, a village in Croatia. He was born on March 13, 1965, is of Canadian nationality and is of white ethnicity. There is no information on his family background, nor is there any data on the identity of his parents and other family members, which can only mean that his family details have never been made public.

There is also a lack of information about his educational background, but from what we have been able to gather he is a college graduate with a degree in kinesiology – a scientific study of human and non-human body movement. Becoming an actor was never part of Steve’s initial plans, rather he wanted to join the world of professional athletes and end up as either a coach or maybe a physical therapist. After his graduation. He started out in a factory with his own car repair business and owned a few houses before deciding to join the entertainment industry.

Family: wife, children

Regarding his family life, the Canadian actor prefers to keep a low profile. The only known fact about Steve Bacic’s family is the identity of his wife, Caroline Bacic, and the fact that they have two children – a boy and a girl. It appears that there is a third child, but the gender is unknown. Even the date of their marriage is not publicly known, but his family lives in Vancouver, Canada. The Bacic family are sports enthusiasts and are more interested in basketball and snowboarding. Steve is Roman Catholic and it’s possible his wife shares the same faith and they raise their children the same way.

Height and other facts about Steve Bacic

1st height

Steve has an athletic build and a striking height of 6ft 1in which sets him apart. His body weight of 95.3 kg fits well with his height. He has brown hair and his eyes are also brown.

2. Fortune

According to a reliable source, the veteran actor’s net worth is estimated at $2 million which mostly comes from his acting career. Also, commercials for Acura and Burger King in 2007 and 2000 added an extra digit to his net worth. Steve Bacic earns more than $155,000 per year.

3. Awards and Nominations

Steve Bacic has witnessed quite a few awards nominations throughout his career. In 2008 and 2009, he was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role by a Male Actor in a Dramatic Series for The Guardian.

4. Box office success

Some of Steve’s films have enjoyed smashing success at the box office, his 2007 film titled Good Luck Chuck which was produced on a budget of $25 million at the box office exceeding $59.2 million. The film that has had the most success at the box office is Miracles , a 2017 film with a budget of $20 million. Wonder raised a whopping $305.9 million at the box office.

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