Sonya Curry Bio, Wiki, Height, Ethnicity, Parents, Family, Facts

You can be forgiven if you’ve never heard the name, Sonya Curry. However, if his last name – Curry – reminds you of another person, a famous person, you’re probably right in your non-verbal assumption, but we’ll get to that. This 51-year-old African-American Haitian goddess is an American school administrator and sports lover, but her athletic inclinations will likely be what she and her family will remember most often.

Sonya Curry Bio, Wiki, Height

Sonya is a real Virginia, born and bred. She spent her premarital life exclusively in Radford, Virginia, her birthplace. Her talent for sports began to show at Radford High School where she played basketball and volleyball. She also won state championships in both sports.

True to her roots, she chose to stay in Virginia for her college, opting for Virginia Tech. She eventually gave up basketball and decided to focus on volleyball. She continued to break records and didn’t have to wait long to do so either. In her freshman year, she led the Hokies 23-14 while racking up 57 aces, making her the sixth-most single-season aces holder in Virginia Tech history.

His colorful career with the Hokies culminated with a 69-70 record in his senior year and admission to the All-Metro team. Considering the fact that Sonya is only 5ft 3in (1.60m), it’s surprising to reconcile that with her successes. We know what successful athletes look like – big and intimidating. Maybe it’s in his genes.

Sonya Curry graduated with a primary education and a minor in family studies but not before meeting Dell, who would later be her husband. He was an athlete himself and played a key role for the Hokies basketball team during this time. As the story goes, his coach invited him to one of their games and he asked her out when the game was over. Maybe it was their mutual love for the sport or maybe it was something more. Either way, they clicked, their relationship blossomed, and they got married in 1988. Dell Curry’s draft by the Charlotte Hornets would ultimately be the factor that took Sonya out of her home country so that she had moved to Charlotte with her husband after his recruitment.

Sport isn’t the only thing that Sonya Curry shows on her own. She is a religious person and her Christian faith is very evident in the career path she has charted for herself. In 1995, she opened the doors of the Charlotte Montessori School of Lake Norman. It is a legal and private, non-profit and charitable academic institution that adopts – as its name suggests – the Montessori method of learning to holistically unleash creativity, independence and the desire to learn. children.

His faith became even more evident when in the 2004/2005 academic year, they were finally granted permission to move to an all-Christian Montessori school, which took the school name – Lake Norman Montessori Christian School. The institution accepts children from 15 months to 6 years old of all races, colors, creeds and national heritages. They are also approved by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction and are full members of the American Montessori Society.

Sonya Curry Ethnicity, Parents, Family

One thing for sure, whether you see her in person or look through her Instagram feed is that Sonya is a ravishing beauty and probably always smitten. She certainly had the best part of her parents’ genes. She was born on May 30, 1966 in Radford, Virginia to an African father, Cleive Ester Adams, and a Haitian mother, Candy Adams.

The union of Sonya and her husband, Dell is evident in the beauty of their children, Stephen, Seth and Sydel. But she and her husband gave their children more than looks; they also passed the sporting torch of the family. Their first son, Stephen Curry, born in 1988, is a two-time Golden State Warriors MVP. Seth, born in 1990, is a point guard for the Sacramento Kings; and Sydel, born in 1994, played on the women’s volleyball team while at Elon University.

Factor in her husband’s illustrious career as a professional NBA basketball player, and you begin to see the shape of an NBA family heirloom that is sure to leave us drooling with pride and envy in equal measure.

Sonya Facts

Looking back at Sonya Curry’s school days, we could shake our heads in wonder at what she might have been like had she continued to perform professionally. But his decision to walk away from it all wasn’t a mistake; it was intentional. She decided to give up everything to become the best possible housewife. Looking now at her three wonderful children, I’m sure she beams with pride knowing she made the right decision.

Stephen, Seth and Sydel may have had their athletic genes from both parents, but it’s Sonya who is rightly credited with developing these three raw talents into superstars. She put her volleyball and basketball experience to good use and trained her children in all the basics, preparing them for a lifetime of sporting achievement. It obviously took a lot of time.

She’s also an expert and encourages Stephen to stay focused on the essentials as he struggled to get a pick from the Golden State Warriors. His mother’s words finally brought him in. So did Seth, but he decided to sign for the Sacramento Kings.

Sonya Curry has motivational skills that are equally weird and effective. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, she revealed that she fined Stephen $100 after the first three unsuccessful attempts for every turnover he made in every game. Stephen says it keeps him alert in every game and helps him learn from mistakes faster. The fine is paid at the end of the season in the form of gifts and clothing. It’s pretty cute if you ask me, plus it’s not like Stephen is complaining. He can afford it.

When Sonya Curry gets excited about her children’s success, he knows no bounds — and maybe too. During Stephen’s memorable stunt against the Portland Trail Blazers, she was so excited she started dancing to another guy who wasn’t her husband.

Predictably, the haters got it and started calling her out and insinuating trouble in the marriage. In the end, it was excitement and nothing more. Jason Richards, Stephen Curry’s former Davidson College playmate, was “the other guy from”. And none of his family seemed to have a problem with it. Not even her husband who was seated in two places. Sorry haters, no family drama here! All is well in the Curry dynasty and Sonya Curry is still the cutest MBA mom ever!

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