Seo Ha Joon – Bio, Family, Facts About the South Korean Actor

Seo Ha Joon is best described as a rising star in the South Korean film industry and his skills and talent have earned him international recognition. Although he got off to a slow start as an actor, his hard work and perseverance has paved his way into the niche of entertainment industry icons. Two films that exploded his fan base are the 2014 sitcom Just Love , for which he won a New Star Award from SBS Drama Awards, and The Flower in Prison , which earned him two awards. Moreso, he’s known for his impressive work on Princess Aurora and Goodbye… and Hello , as well as a handful of appearances on reality TV shows.

It’s also worth noting that his beautiful career almost hit rock bottom in 2017 after he was embroiled in a scandal. Learn how Seo Ha Joon handled it and learn more fun facts about the Korean actor.

Seo Ha Joon’s bio

Seo Ha-Joon is a Korean actor who is gradually winning the hearts of many movie lovers with his impressive acting skills. His birth details reveal that he was born on September 19, 1989 in Seoul, South Korea, where he also grew up. Already as a child he was interested in television and films and he knew from a young age what he wanted to be in the future. This passion incited his active participation in acting and other forms of entertainment such as music throughout his school years.


As mentioned earlier, Seo Ha Joon appeared in several school productions during his high school years which paved the way for him to become an actor. His first appearance in a video was tagged in the 2011 music video I Remember and the next year he got his big break in the coming-of-age sitcom, Dream Up Also starring Kang So Ra, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, JB and Hyolyn. After Dream High, Seo was cast in the controversial film, Princess Aurora , which in its own way drew a lot of attention.

The Asian actor later landed a main character as Do-Wan in the film Goodbye… and Hello where he showed his ability to take on any type of role. It is also worth noting that Seo Ha Joon received his first award after playing a major role in the film Only Love and it was a very exciting experience for the budding actor.

Another film that Seo has starred in is Prison Flowers – for which he won the 9th Korea Drama Award for Best New Star as well as the MBC Drama Award. He also played Kim Hyun Taein in the TV series Marrying My Daughter Twice which was a very popular sitcom that aired on the SBS network.


The Asian actor was very sparinginformation about his parents, since no information on their identities was made available to the public. However, Seo Ha Joon’s family is seen as very supportive of his career choice and does their best to encourage him to achieve higher goals in his chosen field of work.

Seo Ha Joon’s controversy

One of the most tumultuous periods of his career was when he became embroiled in the controversy in which he was portrayed in an obscene video recording that inexplicably became public knowledge. He was silent for a while, during which time his fans commented on the naked body in the video and his social media platforms became red hot. Seo Ha Joon came out sometime in July 2017 and admitted that he really was the one captured in the video, cooling matters to a minimum.

Facts about the South Korean actor

  • Seo Ha Joon is a close friend of Hyolyn, his co-star from the sitcom Dream High.
  • The Asian actor is a shy person as he admitted to ELLE Korea that he’s an introvert and keeps to himself most of the time when he’s with friends.
  • Seo loves baseball and soccer.
  • Seo Ha Joon sings pretty well, although he doesn’t think he’s good at it.
  • His weight is approximately 70 kg and he stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches.
  • The actor has his zodiac sign as Virgo which portrays him as a humble person.
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