Sean Connery – Bio, Age, Net worth, Dead or Alive, Wife and Children

As controversy rages on over who will play the legendary spy, Agent 007 James Bond, after Daniel Craig. It’s important to remember the actor who started it all – Sean Connery. Before the role became one that every handsome action actor wanted to play, Sean Connery helmed the first film in the decade-long line. It’s one of the many highlights of the Scottish actor’s 49-year career.

During his time as an active actor he won several awards, from various awards organizations in film and finally was knighted by the Queen in 2000 to become a Knight of the British Empire. Find out more about Sean Connery by reading below.

Sean Connery’s Bio (Age)

When he announced his retirement in 2003, it was the end of a career that had seen and achieved it all. The end of a journey that began 24 years after his birth in Fountainbridge, Scotland, on August 25, 1930. He was born into an ordinary family. There, his father, Joseph Connery, worked as a truck driver and factory worker, while his mother, Euphemia McBain, worked as a cleaner. He was raised by his parents alongside a younger sibling, his brother Neil Connery.

Sean Connery, born Thomas Sean Connery, showed signs of his exceptional ability when, at the age of 18, he experienced a rapid growth spurt that resulted in him reaching his full adult height. Throughout his life, Sean has been a sex symbol for millions of women and men around the world, an effect that was felt as early as the age of 14 when he lost his virginity to an adult woman.

He got his first job as a milkman and later joined the Royal Navy, where he spent a short time before being discharged due to ill health. He returned to his civilian life and worked as a truck driver, lifeguard, coffin polisher and artist model. Of all the jobs Sean Connery had before becoming an actor, it was his work as a semi-professional footballer that almost redefined his life. Sean Connery, who started bodybuilding in his 20’s, was offered a contract by legendary Manchester United manager Matt Busby to play for the club due to his physical ability. However, he turned down the contract and instead chose to become an actor.

His introduction to acting began in the theater,among the many jobs he has had, working behind the scenes at a theater was one of them. His time as a theater worker introduced him to the world of acting and he became very interested in it. When the audition opportunity presented itself, Sean auditioned for a role in a South Pacific theater production. He landed a small role in the play and it began a journey to the pinnacle of the acting profession.

He appeared in a few plays before landing his first film role in Lilacs in the Spring Since then, the legendary has appeared in over 50 films, including the legendary James Bond films, in which he starred seven times. He starred in his first James Bond film as the first actor to portray the character in a 1962 film in Dr. Globe. Because of his accomplishments and success, he was selected as the third greatest hero in cinema history by the American Film Institute.

Although his career was fairly heavily influenced by his Bond character, he starred in other cult films such as The Untouchables , which earned him his Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He also starred in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Name of the Rose, The Hunt for Red October and many others.

He announced his official retirement from acting in 2007, although he stopped making films in 2003.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Sean Connery’s successful life as an actor and investment in real estate has earned him a fortune of $120 million. He owes his role as James Bond to both his wealth and his illustrious career as an actor. He continues to reside in the Bahamas and is enjoying his retirement as an actor.

wife and children

Sean Connery has been married twice so far. He married his first wife, Diane Cilento, in 1962. However, the marriage did not last long and the couple divorced in 1973. He remarried Micheline Roquebrune in 1975. He has only one child, Jason Connery, who is also an actor like his father and has appeared in shows such as Robin of Sherwood.

Is Sean Connery dead or alive?

Though Sean Connery has retired from the limelight, enjoying his retirement in Hollywood and operating as a whole on the sunny side of the Bahamas, he is very much alive and well.

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