Samaje Perine Brother, Family, Height, Weight, Body

On the football pitch, he has been described as a beast for his unparalleled strength, unique abilities and the threat he poses to all opposition teams. Yet outside of American football, Samajé Périne is as humble as every letter of the word demands. This caused many to refer to him as “the lowly beast.”

The humble beast had a professional football career in the National Football League (NFL). For centuries, Samaje has always been attached to his family, sacrificing everything he could to savor moments with them, including returning home after games, while his teammates (high school) went elsewhere to parties. unleashed.

Here we are going to learn more about what makes this dude so attached to his family including taking a bird’s eye view of his biography and of course his vital body stats with which he has been a standout player in the NFL. You might be surprised that it’s not a footer.


Samaje Perine was born on September 16, 1995 in Jackson, Alabama. As he grew and reached adulthood, the child enrolled in Hendrickson High School after his family moved to Texas. At school, Perine started playing more football and was also part of the school athletics team. He was the running back for the three years he played for the team and racked up 19,393 yards. He had 16 rushing touchdowns as his senior year saw him drop to 1,492 yards with 12 touchdowns.

Upon entering college, Samajé Périne played for the 2014-2016 University of Oklahoma Sooners under coach Bob Stoops. A true freshman, he racked up 1,713 yards on 263 carries and 21 touchdowns. In his second season (2015), he had 1,349 rushing yards, 16 rushing touchdowns, 15 receptions with 107 receiving yards and one touchdown. His team started the 2016 season against Houston, but quickly changed their situation. Samaje recorded 1,060 rushing yards with 12 touchdowns, 10 receptions, 106 receiving yards and one touchdown.

Samaje Perine decided to forgo his senior year of college and instead enter the 2017 NFL Draft where he was picked by the Washington Redskins in the 4th round to place 114th overall and 9th in the race to be selected in the draft. His first professional contract was worth $3.05 million and was to last four years.



The only child of Jackson, Alabama has partnered with loves Mack Brown, Robert Kelley and Chris Thompson. He made his debut on September 17, 2017 against the Los Angeles Rams, but recorded fewer points in the game. However, he finished his rookie season with 603 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown, 22 receptions for 182 yards, and one receiving touchdown. As he plays out his contract with the team, Perine is expected to improve further.

Samaje Perine, brother and family

Samaje Perine was born and raised by his mother GloriaPérine, his father’s name has not been revealed. He holds American nationality and is of African-American descent. After he was born in Jackson, Alabama, his family moved to Pflugerville, Texas, where he began high school.

In his family, they have a thing or two for naming him “Sam.” Gloria revealed that her grandfather was called Sam, just as her father was also called by the same name, which was later used by her brother and son. She always wanted her son to be associated with the first name Sam, which has family ties, so she decided to go with Samaje.

In an interview, Perine’s mother revealed how docile Samaje was as a child and remains so until now. She recalls that there was never a single time he was punished for doing something serious, but he often took time to be alone; studies football, playing habits and generally improves athletically. In the same way, Samaje Perine was also very fond of his scholars. Devin Padavil, his high school principal, revealed all the A’s.

It has not been verified if Samje Perine has a brother from his mother or elsewhere if people suspect him. When his identity is revealed, we will let you know. He also has no family of his own, but his longtime girlfriend Meg Haney was reportedly engaged in 2017.

Body – Height, Weight

Surprisingly, Samajé Périne is not as big as you would have imagined. The Washington Redskins 32 back is 1.80m (5ft 11in) with which he weighs 107kg.

Despite his height, Samaje has been known to do incredible things with his great physical strength even as far back as his high school days. In college, he helped a student who didn’t have a jack lift his car and change a flat tire. Incredible!

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