Ryan Potter – Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Ethnicity, Is he gay?

If you love high-octane fight scenes and mind-blowing stunts in your favorite films – then what Ryan Potter brings to the table is for you. But the Japanese American is about more than just flying kicks and three-strikes. He is an excellent actor who is still in the early stages of his acting career.

He began his acting career in 2011, debuting as Mike Fukanaga in Nickelodeon’s action-drama series Supah Ninjas. Since then the actor has picked up a few other memorable roles, voicing Hiro Hamada in 2014’s Big Hero 6, and playing Garfield Logan on the series Titans, Ryan is a true multi-talent. Here’s everything we know about the actor, director, producer, stuntman and photographer.

Ryan Potter Bio (Age and Ethnicity)

The actor was born on September 12, 1995 in Portland, Oregon. Not much else is known about this period in his life apart from the fact that he spent the first seven years of his life in Tokyo. Ryan is of American and Japanese descent.

Like many children his age, the actor had manyinterests, subsequently trying many things in his growing years. His hobbies included skateboarding, playing the drums, baseball, and more. But the interest Potter took most seriously was his martial arts passion. He began training in White Tiger Kung Fu at the age of eight and continued through his teenage years.

Sometime in 2010, Ryan Potter was in a Kung Fu when he received a flyer announcing Nickelodeon’s search for teenagers to fill roles in their new martial arts-themed series. A few days later, he decided to try a role in the series. He was eventually cast as Mike Fukanaga, a lead role on the series.

Although this was his first acting role, it was enough to get him recognized as a Nickelodeon star. He has appeared on the cover of many teenage magazines as well as some other Nickelodeon programs such as Find Out and Nickelodeon’s World Gaming Day . In 2012, he also appeared in two episodes as the main character’s best friend Fred: The Show .

In 2014, Ryan Potter landed his first speaking role. He continued to voice the protagonist Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6. He would voice the character in his inspired series Big Hero 6: The Series He was also Hiro on the video games Disney Infinity: Super Heroes Marvel (2014), Disney Infinity 3.0 ( 2015) , and Kingdom Hearts III (2019).

In 2016, he appeared in two episodes on The XD’s Lab Rats : Elite Force, playing the character Riker. Two years later he was Jo in the romance film Walk for Grace. That same year, Ryan Potter began working as Garfield Logan, aka “Beast Boy,” on Warner Bros’ live-action series. Titans.

The actor also takes the time to do his part to make the world a better and more livable place. In 2011 he founded the non-profit organization Toy Box of Hope. The charity focuses on children living in homeless shelters and in transitional situations in the Los Angeles area. Toy Box of Hope strives to provide these children with toys and other essentials such as jackets and bedding every holiday. The actor believes this is a way to keep her hope alive and let her know people care.

who are his parents

Thanks to his parents, Potter has Japanese, American and Jewish ancestry. Although his father’s name is unknown, the actor was born to an American Jewish mother named Jordanna Potter-Lew.

He lived with his parents during his time in Japan, but upon his return to the United States he was raised by his mother. Ryan Potter originally spoke Japanese but has since lost most of it upon returning to American soil. His mother Jordanna is married to James Lew. Potter must admire his stepfather, one of the reasons being that James is a revered stunt legend in Hollywood, an occupation the actor clearly has a passion for.

Is he gay?

There are a few clues that fuel the rumor that Ryan Potter is gay. For one thing, he was the legendary actor in his first role. George Takei . The openly gay actor played Ryan Potter’s grandfather on Supah Ninjas.

The more important factor is the fact that Potter is a supporter of same-sex marriage and a supporter of the LGBT community. During California’s 2012 “No H8” campaign, Potter joined other celebrities to voice his support for same-sex marriage. He was only 16 years old at the time.

Many believed this was proof that he is gay. However, by all accounts, Ryan Potter is as clear as they come. He has been rumored to be dating a number of ladies over the years including Stephanie LeBlanc , Sydney Park, Gracie Dzienny and American vlogger Bethany Mota .

Ryan Potter’s height

The boy from Oregon has big plans: looks, charm, skills, among other things. However, his body size also plays a decisive role. Ryan isn’t that tall and doesn’t stand much under two meters. The actor is about 173 cm tall.

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