Rory Calhoun – American Actor Biography, Celebrity Facts

Rory Calhoun was an American actor who made a name for himself as a hero in B Westerns for several decades. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has acted in more than 80 films and 1,000 television series. The story of his rise to fame is anything but ordinary and this is one of the reasons he has been loved by the general public. Rory has gone from a life of crime into one of Hollywood’s most popular faces. This was after he encountered Alan Ladd, another popular American actor, who died in January 1964. It is said that the former attracted the attention of the latter; Although Rory was only riding in a Los Angeles park, Alan saw a star.

The actor has appeared in numerous films and television series over the years. Some of his best-known works include roles in The Texan, Capitol Building, Wondrous Voyage, Adventure Island, With a Song in My Heart, Flight to Hong Kong, Gilligan’s Island, How to Marry a Millionaire, Pure Land, and Red Sunset. Rory has also had a successful career as a producer and screenwriter.

Rory Calhoun – Biography

If you check the records, you’ll find that this actor wasn’t named Rory Calhoun after his birth on August 8, 1922; His real name was Francis Timothy McCown. His birthplace was Los Angeles, California and he was born to Elizabeth Cuthbert and an Irish professional player named James McCown. His father died when he was barely 10 months old and his mother remarried. Growing up, Rory sometimes referred to himself as Frank Durgin, taking his stepfather’s surname.

As a young boy, he had a troubled childhood and experienced frequent violations of the law. He stole, robbed, and committed all sorts of petty crimes. When he was 13, he was arrested for stealing a revolver and the judge sent him to the Preston School of Industry Reformatory, where he later fled. He continued his illegal activities and expanded his crimes to include robbing jewelers and wiring cars. When he was 17, he decided to break free of his stepfather’s abusive nature to steal a car and drive it across state lines. This was an offense for which he was sentenced to three years in prison.

The troubled young man was briefly paroled before he turned 21. This time he took up some odd jobs like working as a mechanic, miner, cowboy, lumberjack, forest burner, truck driver and crane operator. Luck seemed to be on his side when Alan Ladd noticed him one day in January 1944 riding a horse. The actor then introduced him to his wife Sue Carol, who worked as an agent, and she prepped him for a screen test with 20th Century Fox. This led to Rory appearing in a number of small and often uncredited roles in such films as Something for the Boys, The Bullfighters, Where Do We Go From Here?, A Soldier’s Sunday Lunch, and The Great John L.

Later, Alan Ladd and his wife Sue threw a party where they introduced him to an agent who worked for David O. Selznick’s company Vanguard. He signed a contract with the company and his name was changed from Francis McCown to Rory Calhoun. After beating a detective in 1945, the young actor was again in prison. After his release, he continued his contract with Vanguard, performing publicly with well-known stars and conducting screen tests from time to time.

Although he did not appear in any of the Vanguard productions, a year later he was loaned out to play a small role in The Red House, then the lead in Adventure Island, Sand, and The Hagen Girl. In 1949 he was again loaned to the Warner Brothers and starred in their films Return of the Frontier and Fairground. Rory then signed with 20th Century Fox, which he performed for Ticket to Tomahawk, I’d Climb the Highest Mountain, the Rogue River and With a Song in My Heart.

By this point, Rory was already a familiar face in the western film genre. He kept staring into The Silver Whip, Powder River, How to Marry a Millionaire, River of No Return. The actor brought his talents to Universal, where he appeared in Four Guns on the Frontier, Not Badly Behaved, The Looters, The Spoilers, Raw Edge, and Shotgun.

As a producer, Rory Calhoun has credit for a number of films such as Flight to Hong Kong, Domino Kid, Utah Blaine, Horseback Riding, The Hired Gun, Apache Territory, and The Big Caper. Rory is also known for his role as Bill Longley on the television series The Texan. His other television credits include Zane Gray Theatre, Bonanza, Death Valley Days, and Capitol His last role was in 1992 playing Ernest Tucker on Pure Land

His family

Rory was a legendary actor and his personal life was the stuff of legends too. He married Lita Baron in 1948 and they had a daughter, but the marriage lasted until 1970 because his wife filed for divorce, citing his adulterous relationships with 79 women, including Betty Grable, as reasons for ending the marriage.

When asked about those matters, Rory replied that she didn’t even include half of them. He began dating actress Vitina Marcus, with whom he also had a daughter. The actor later married journalist Sue Rhodes in 1982. The couple had a daughter together.

Facts about the American actor

1. Rory Calhoun joined the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960. He received two stars for his contributions to television and film.

2. He was a registered member of the Republican Party.

3. Rory was best friends with Guy Madison and the pair regularly went on hunting and fishing trips.

4. The legendary movie star died on April 28, 1999 at the age of 76. The causes of death cited were diabetes and emphysema.

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