Rich Evans – Bio, Wife, Age, Sister, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Given the various incredible things people have done to become famous. One can’t help but wonder why well-known figures like Rich Evans chose not to be on everyone’s lips. As an actor, this guy is easily recognized and admired for his loud and happy laugh, as much as he is revered for his high-pitched voice. Among other things, Evans is known for his work with Red Letter Media, the American production company of Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa.

As Rich Evans is not your typical celebrity, he would jump at any chance to cling to his popularity and stay relevant, many questions about him remain unanswered even though his works are hugely popular. This has created a degree of misinformation about him, as he is believed in some quarters to be the man who played Paul Hanley in Peyton Place , the ABC soap opera that aired from 1964-1969. This is not true; Richard Evans is a very different man from Rich Evans.

The former is an American actor, retired on January 23, 1935. Aside from his role in Peyton Place, he appeared in various television series and a few films before retiring in 2007’s Star Trek , in Wagon Train, Perry Mason The Men of Shiloh, Sea Hunt, and more. Let’s learn more about the other Evans below.

age and background information

Also since there are many things that are not known about this actor, it is no secret that he was born in 1977, exactly on October 17th. Although we know this, we have not been able to determine where he was born. Also, it has been difficult to establish the identities of his parents, siblings, upbringing, and anything else related to his early life.

Admittedly, this actor has managed to hide a lot of details about his private life from those willing to consume any information they can get about his life. His passion for acting has betrayed him greatly as his works have always kept him in the limelight as much as he tries to stay away from it. Rich Evans began making independent films with his old friend Mike Stoklasa. As the story goes, the friends worked together on the earliest version of RedLetterMedia’s Plinkett Reviews. Rich’s friend wanted to do more than just make films. That’s why he founded the production company Red Letter Media. He later worked with Jay Bauman to bring the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based company to where it is today.

Despite the fact that he is not actively involved, Rich Evans has been very loyal to the media in the company’s operations and in decisions that matter. More than just the film roles he’s played in the establishment’s productions, you can find him on numerous of the company’s YouTube shows. For example, he appeared in Review (2016), Best of the Worst (2013), and in films such as Space Cop (2016), Feeding Frenzy (2010), and Gorilla Interrupted (2003).

It is also known that the actor is an avid gamer. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Rich was the co-host of Previously Recorded (PreRec), a comedy talk show where he played and talked about video games with Jack Packard. The show had 56 episodes, all in one season, which aired from 2014 to 2018.

What is his net worth?

One of the crosses is a must to wear as celebrities have the public snooping around to know the precise extent of wealth they have accrued from their various endeavors. Rich Evans has his own share of that strain, but nothing significant has come of it. It’s only fair to assume the man’s financial situation hasn’t been crossed with bankruptcy, but his fortune is the one he knows best.

Rich Evans Wife/Girlfriend, Sister and Family Life

His fans may know he doesn’t like dogs, he’s allergic to cats and always has a crush on Spider-Man comics, but facts about his love life have been hard to crack. While some of his fans would swear that the actor is married to a woman named Karen, who has appeared multiple times on his PreRec streams, others will easily dismiss this as a fallacy. Overall, hardly anyone could say whether the man is married or married.

In the same way, almost nothing is known about his family life. Because of this, it was a big deal when PreRec tweeted that Rich Evans was streaming with his sister sometime in June 2017.

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