Reggie Bush Wife, Daughter, Children, Family, Mistress, Divorce, Net Worth

Reggie Bush is a retired American football player born March 2 , 1985 in Spring Valley, California, United States of America Bush was nursed by his mother and stepfather; Denise Griffin and Lamar Griffin. His biological father was absent from his life.

He was a student at Helix High School located in California, where he held the position of running back. While there he performed with Alex Smith; 2004 Heisman Trophy finalist.

Then Reggie Bush received a scholarship to attend the University of Southern California where he played actively for the Trojans from 2003 to 2005. When Bush was recruited by Carol, he considered using her as a threat at five. The newcomer has vividly demonstrated his effectiveness in catching, carrying, throwing and returning the ball.

Professional career

On January 12th, 2006, Reggie Bush elected to forfeit his senior season at USC and revealed that he had qualified for the NFL Draft. His stellar performance on the field made him a prime candidate for the 2006 NFL Draft No. 1 pick. -USC TV, where macho Bush ran the 40-meter dash in 4.33 seconds.

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In 2006, Reggie was selected by the Orleans NewSaints in the NFL Draft. Saints fans were thrilled. By the end of the week, Reebok said it had received more than 25,000 Bush Saints jersey requests. despite the fact that his shirt number with the Saints was yet to be determined.

No. 5

Reggie Bush later had the NFL dress number 5, which he wore throughout his high school and college career. Nevertheless, for him to win the No. 5 jersey, the NFL would have to decide how to change its numbering regulations.

Bush was eventually allowed to wear any number he chose during Saints mini-camp practices until the NFL ruled. On May 23rd , 2006, Bush’s request was officially dropped by the NFL Competition Committee, and on May 25th , the NFL officially revealed that Bush had no choice but to wear the number 25.

The career of the footballer was booming because he was able to sign several endorsement deals. Bush’s success has secured deals with Adidas, General Motors, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and the Subway restaurant chain. After Peyton Manning, Bush is the second-most contracted NFL player.

Reggie Bush Awards and Honors

  • In 2005 Reggie won the 2005 Walter Camp Award and the 2005 Soak Walker Award.
  • He won the Heisman Trophy in 2005 by beating teammate Matt Leinart, winner of the Heisman Award in 2004, and runner-up Vince Young.
  • Bush landed number 24 on ESPN’s list of the top 25 college football players.
  • He headlined the cover of NCAA football 2007, released on July 18th , 2006.
  • In 2005, Bush was named Offensive Player of the Year by the DC Pigskin Club of Washington.

Mistress, divorce, wife, daughter, children, family

At one particular time in his life, when Bush was at USC, he dated Eve Torres. He was also romantically involved with Kim Kardashian. He met the reality TV star when she was introduced to him by Matt Leinart, at the 2007 ESPY Awards. The lovebirds took a break from their relationship on July 27th , 2009. They eventually reunited on 28th in September 2009. Bush had also been romantically involved with Jessie James, the famous country singer, in 2010.

In 2011, Reggie Bush started a relationship with Lillit Avangyan, who happens to be an Armenian dancer. A year later, some believed the duo was expecting their first baby together. On the 6 th May 2013, the couple welcomed their daughter Briseis.

A year after the birth of their daughter, Reggie Bush and Avangyan were united in a holy marriage in San Diego, California. On July 12th , 2015, Bush and Avangyan welcomed their second child baby Uriah, a male child. Two years after Uriah’s birth, the couple welcomed Agyemang, their second son.

Net worth, earnings, cars and properties

Reggie Bush’s net worth is estimated at over $51 million. He earns the sum of 4 million dollars a year. The former American football star owns exotic cars like Bentley, Chevelle, Ferrari, Plymouth and the Lamborghini Aventador.

The superstar has a gargantuan mansion in Oakland County, United States of America. Reggie Bush also owns several properties around the world. He bought his house in 2013; the value of the property is estimated at approximately $4.2 million.


Reggie Bush is known to be an ardent philanthropist. The NFL football star has come up with a fun and interactive way to raise funds not only for charities close to his heart, but also in the town where he grew up. Bush’s magnanimity.

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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital helps administer treatments and defeat childhood cancer and other dreaded diseases that threaten children’s lives. They pay for treatment, accommodation, travel and food. Through these benevolent gestures, the burden on the child’s parent is lightened.

The birthday party project is celebrated in ten cities across the country. They believe that children should be held in high esteem and celebrated, especially when traumatized. Since 2012, the birthday party project has hosted over 2,100 birthday parties with over 19,000 children in attendance. These celebrations are made possible by the help of magnanimous people like Bush.

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