Ray Diaz – Biography, Facts, All You Need to Know

The process of a career is difficult enough that you can hardly appreciate the increased difficulty that adding a second line of work brings. Despite this, there are many people around the world who have managed to make it work. Ray Diaz – a model and actor, belongs to this category of people who have achieved success in more than one endeavor.

The actor has gone through a difficult time. He would eventually pursue a modeling career, making his debut for elite department store chain Macy’s. Despite his thriving modeling career, he eventually ventured into acting. He is known for films and TV shows like In Da Cut, East Los High, and Lopez.

Ray Diaz’s bio

The model-turned-actor began life in Key West, Florida on August 13, 1988. The identities of his parents and the rest of his family members are still unknown. Everything except the fact that he has an older sibling, Lusana Diaz, through his parents. Nothing more is known about Lusana.

Ray’s modeling career began in New York. To give his career the necessary focus, he moved to Miami at an early stage as a model. He found success on his first attempt when he landed a role in a national commercial for superstore chain Macy’s. This opened doors for him to appear on commercial sets of many big brands. Before that, he signed with a New York modeling agency called Wilhemina. Supported by agency representation, the model has worked with the likes of Rebook, Harley Davidson, Calvin Klein, Polo, L’Oreal, Cosmopolitan and others.

It was on the sets of these commercials that RayDiaz became interested in acting. Desiring greater involvement in the performing portions of these commercials, he eventually enrolled in some acting classes on the advice of others. He attended New York’s renowned The William Esper Studio. The influence of these classes was so evident that he decided to pursue an acting career. Ray then moved to Los Angeles and landed his acting debut shortly thereafter.

He was Matt in the short film Prophecy in 2011. He followed that up with his first starring role as Trevor on the thriller Stone Marks While showing up on his film sets, he still found time to continue modeling, working for companies like Ford, Lexus, Subway and more.

Next, the actor was In Da Cut in 2013. He portrayed Rellz in the independent film. At this point, Ray Diaz signed with the agency Luber Roklin Entertainment to focus more on the acting part of his career.

After signing up with the agency, the actor earned his first regular role in a television series. He began playing the lead role of Nicolas Reyes on the drama series East Los High His affiliation with the show ended in 2015 after appearing in 24 episodes, which cemented his reputation in the industry. The show was produced by Hulu.

In a few years that followed, Diaz appeared in a number of projects, including films, and made them for television projects. He was Victor Garcia in Short Reach (2015); Camilo in an episode of Real Men of Hollywood (2016); and Agent Tanner in South32 among others.

In early 2017, he took another major step in his career when he landed a role on George Lopez’s comedy series. Lopez. Ray joined the series in the second season, playing the role of Hector. Two years later, in 2019, the actor began portraying Gilbert on the comedy series Sober Coach.

Things you need to know about Ray Diaz

The actor appears to be successful and positioned beautifully, but he had to swim a lot of rough water growing up. For one thing, the identities of the parents are unknown because the actor spent a lot of time in the foster care system as a child. He was thrown from one nursing home to another because at the time both of his parents were serving their respective periods in prison.

Unfortunately, Ray Diaz unsurprisingly made the bike for someone in foster care. He was bullied, pushed around and constantly taunted at school. Due to his life situation, he had to change schools several times. This made it difficult for him to blend in anywhere and prompted him to build a wall around himself.

In his teenage years Ray started acting, he always gets into all sorts of trouble and fights all the time. The actor would eventually decide to turn his life around. This decision led him to New York and finally to Los Angeles to make something meaningful out of his life.

Facts about the actor

1. Aside from George Lopez and other actors, Diaz has also worked with internet stars like Amanda Cerny, Lele Pons and Inanna Sarkis.

2. When he was in his mid-teens, Ray always tried to go to clubs in Miami Beach but always got turned down.

3. His favorite actors and biggest sources of inspiration are Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Leonardo DiCaprio and Dwayne Johnson.

4. In 2017 he appeared in a comedy called If You Mess With The Wrong Girls. He also appeared as Fred in a short comedy adaptation of Scooby Doo Is

5. Ray started doing comedy skits in 2016 and posting them on his Instagram. It took him just three months to reach the 1 million subscriber mark.

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