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Prim Siripipat is a firm believer in the maxim “we have one life to live”. That’s why she’s always found a way to make lemonade from lemons and she won’t hesitate to tell her stories at the slightest opportunity. Prim hopes these stories will inspire people to pursue their dreams so they won’t have any regrets looking back at the life they’ve led.

Although Prim is currently known as a tennis player, she earned most of her fame working with ESPN. While a TV presenter for the medium, she also co-hosted ESP Radio’s ‘Spain and Prim’ show.

If you’ve ever wanted to ask Prim what type of person she is, we’ve gotten a feel for it. The tennis player considers herself one of the hardest working people. According to her, she maintains high standards and high expectations, but is committed to achieving her dreams in the right way, not only by being honest, humble, respectful and kind, but also by maintaining the highest level of integrity..

Prim is of the opinion that the previous attributes are hard to find these days and are often forgotten or ignored; Nevertheless, she promised to never forget to defend these values ​​and what she stands for.

Since the beginning of his life, Prim has been in love with tennis. It was her passion as she grew up and she has no doubts about her career path until she suffered an injury that forced her to give up her career at the age of 21. It’s devastating for Prim, who suffered a lot psychologically. .

In fact, she couldn’t get herself to watch tennis more than four years after leaving the tennis courts. Many years passed but the lady was still in love with her first love and sad about how she left her tennis career. Eventually, she realized she wasn’t fighting enough for the love of her life and decided to return to professional tennis.

Prim Siripipat Organic

Siripipat was born on January 15, 1981 in Mexico City, Missouri. Initially, it was thought that she would start her career playing the piano, dancing, swimming or gymnastics. When the young Prim turned 7, it became clear that her taste for tennis was greater. She became an avid player and 5 years later moved to Tampa Florida to actively pursue her dream of becoming a tennis player. This caused her to become a student at the Saddlebrook Tennis Academy.

Siripipat was exceptionally good and competent at this point she was honored with an academic title of success. She was named Valedictorian. Additionally, she ranked in the top 10 in national rankings and was eventually rewarded with a full scholarship to Duke University, where she majored in sociology.

While it was expected that Prim would have a fantastic career in professional tennis, she suffered a series of injuries that required her to undergo three surgeries. 21-year-old Prim’s world came crashing down when she later learned she could no longer play tennis. Exceedingly traumatized, Prim had no choice but to find solace in another career. Thus, she ventured into broadcast journalism. She started out as an intern before becoming a reporter and then an anchor for CBS in Miami.

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Journalism career with ESPN

According to records, Prim Siripipat’s journalism career as an ESPN presenter began in March 2011. As a presenter for and television, Prim covered all kinds of sports activities for the sports television channel. In addition, she has made appearances on cable company radio and has also been a tennis analyst.

Prior to taking up her position at ESPN, Prim was (in 2004) one of ESPN’s contestants. Dream job. Although she was one of those who made it to the finals, she was not among the final 10 contestants who made it to the real Dream Job show.

Unexpectedly, ESPN decided in April 2017 to terminate Prim’s employment. One would have thought that the lady would be extremely upset with the development. Very disappointed, Siripipat observed that the layoff is a blessing, a chance to return to professional tennis. Regardless of the fact that Prim competed in a professional tournament 15 years ago, she has resumed her activity as a professional tennis player and hopes to bid farewell to the sport this time around.

Husband and family, is Prim married?

Prim is married to Ben Aronson. They married in March 2017. Ben is said to have partly inspired Siripipat’s return to professional tennis. Together they agreed to film the activities surrounding his journey back into the sport for an upcoming documentary titled Second Life .

To our knowledge, Prim and Ben have not yet had children. As of this writing, they are still trying to start a family. Meanwhile, Prim’s parents are Pallop (father) and Ampai (mother) Siripipat.

Prim Siripipat body measurements

Although we have not yet confirmed the details of Prim Siripipat’s body measurements which are said to be 33-25-34 inches, we can safely say that she is several centimeters taller than 5 feet.

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