Pickle Wheat from the ‘Swamp People’ age, real name, Wiki.

Pickle Wheat is a television personality and hunter who is skilled in the art of trapping alligators. It’s a trade she picked up from her father, as she comes from a long line of gator wrestlers.

Sources go so far as to claim that Pickle’s great-great-grandfather was one of the pioneers of alligator feuds in St. Bernard Parish.

Therefore, the skill has been passed down from generation to generation. Besides hunting alligators, Pickle Wheat and his family are also very good at trapping birds like ducks and turkeys.

Find out more details about Swamp People’s Pickle Wheat in this review.Who is Swamp People’s Pickle Wheat?

Pickle Wheat is an active deckhand who operates along the Atchafalaya River Basin, located in Louisiana.

Wheat and his crew are particularly renowned for their propensity for taking down large reptiles.Pickle Wheat The real name is Cheyenne Wheat.

The work they do helps keep the alligator population in Louisiana under control. Most people won’t be surprised to learn that “Pickle” isn’t his real name, but a nickname.

Her birth name is Cheyenne. Apparently Pickle Wheat started hunting as soon as she could walk. She started following her father around, picking up a few skills here and there.

As a teenager, Pickle had already gained a good deal of hunting experience.

How old is Swamp People’s pickle?

Pickle Wheat was born on the 21st of September 1995 in Poydras, Louisiana. It makes him 25 years old right now. Pickle is the daughter of Missie and Eddie Wheat.

Research shows that her parents have been together for 29 years now. His mother, Missie, is from St. Bernard parish.

A deeper dive into Pickle’s family ties also revealed that she had a sibling, a sibling named James Wheat. He is an aspiring country singer who is quite skilled when it comes to stringing a guitar.

James’ social media profile also shows that he once attended Chalmette Highschool.

A look at his activity on social networks.

Being only 25 years old, it’s little surprise that Pickle is quite active on social media. Wheat uses the Instagram handle, ‘ Cwigalo ‘.

On this platform, she has 1330 fans. Watching his story, it becomes apparent that hunting is a way of life for Pickle.

Several articles in particular indicate how adept she is at handling a bow. One of these photos shows her flexing her bow.

Additionally, we also learn that Wheat is an animal lover. She has several photos with dogs, rabbits and even snakes.

Pickle’s Facebook page is another testament to his hunting skills. There are several photos of her posing with alligators she has been fighting over.

Apart from that, Wheat also poses alongside deer and other animals that she has shot. Going through his posts, we also discovered that Wheat is currently teaching one of his cousins ​​how to hunt.

In a photo, she revealed that the young man had recently put down his first animal.

Pickle Wheat’s post about his cousin’s first murder on Facebook.

Another vital piece of information we learned from Wheat’s Facebook profile is that she is no longer a single woman.

Her relationship with Chase Landry.

Pickle Wheat is currently dating his Swamp People co-star Chase Landry. Both became official on October 25, 2020. The news was well received, especially among fans who flooded his Facebook page with several comments.

So far, they have been together for about four months now. Like most people stuck together during the COVID-19 pandemic, their relationship blossomed during the period of isolation.

The two have several things in common, the most obvious being hunting. A post on Wheat’s Facebook page shows Chase and Pickle freshly hunted. Other than that, they also have strong ties to southern Louisiana.

Chase was born on April 25th , 1989, which would make him 31 years old at the time of writing. He is six years older than Cheyenne Wheat in comparison.

Most people in the south agree that Chase is easily one of the best marksmen, earning him a good reputation.

Pickle Wheat net worth and income.

It has been widely reported that the stars of Swamp People earn around $25,000 for each episode of the series. Pickle was introduced to the show in its 12th season

According to our estimate, she would earn more than $100,000 from her first season only if our calculations are correct.

A report two years ago also showed that the market for wild alligators was estimated at $10 million.

Without a doubt, there is money to be made in this industry. Trapping and herding around 7 alligators, for example, will net you around $500.

In 2021, Pickle Wheat net worth was $100,000.

Physical Characteristics: Appearances and height.

Pickle is 5ft 7in tall which makes her taller than the average woman. Moreover, she weighs around 125 pounds.

Most fans agree that the wheat is quite beautiful. She has distinct brown eyes and hair. Other than that, she also likes to dress in camouflage, which is usually a prerequisite for hunting.

Pickle Wheat involved in an accident/alligator attack?

The second episode of Swamp People’s 12th Season saw Troy and Pickle Wheat hunt down the legendary alligator known as the Freight Train.

This particular reptile beast had been causing all sorts of trouble in the river basin, attacking locals and other animals in equal measure.

Due to the dangerous nature of the job, Wheat and several other hunters are often subject to occasional accidents. It is a job that requires a tough skin to undertake.

Nothing serious has happened so far, as Cheyenne Wheat continues to work as a deckhand in the South.

Wheat Pickle Facts Wiki and Bio.

Full name Cheyenne Wheat ‘Pickle’
Age 25 years.
Date of Birth September 21st , 1995
Place of birth Poydras, Louisiana
Job Hunter, reality TV star
Net value $100,000
Partner Chase Landry
Nationality American
ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac sign Virgin
Parents Eddie and Missie Wheat
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