Park Seo Joon Bio, Girlfriend, Wife, Age, Height, Dating Other Facts

Park Seo Joon is a popular actor from South Korea who ventured into acting in 2011 but died in 2015 after his outstanding performance in TV movies like. Spotlight hit Kill Me, Heal Me, She Was Pretty and The Chronicles of Evil Most of the films Park has acted in became instant hits and garnered huge viewership around the world.

The South Korean film star has received many award nominations, some of which he has won. Among the most famous are Best New Actor at the 6th Korea Drama Awards (2013), Outstanding Korean Actor at the 13th Seoul International Drama Awards (2018), and a special award bestowed on him at the 8th Korea Tourism Awards. Read on to learn more about him, his personal life and other fun facts.

Park Seo Joon Bio (age)

Park Seo Joon, born December 16, 1988 in Seoul, South Korea, given the birth name Park Yong-Gyu, grew up alongside his two younger brothers. He attended An-am High School and received his university education at Kyungpook National University. He reportedly enrolled at the Seoul Institute of Arts, where he studied theater. In 2008, Park, who was only 19 at the time, was drafted into the South Korean military after serving two years of compulsory military service as required by South Korean law. He was released in 2010 after completing his compulsory service.

The popular actor made his debut on the entertainment scene in 2011 with the music video of Bang Yong-guk’s “I Remember.” The following year he appeared in “Dream High 2”. In 2013, the same year he starred in Pots of Gold, he became the host of the music bank, which he held until 2015. Park also appeared in 2014’s A Witch’s Love.

The award-winning actor’s breakthrough came in 2015, when he starred in three hit movies, which received several nominations and won some of them. The movies included TV movies Kill Me, Heal Me, She Was Pretty and The Chronicles of Evil. The following year, he starred alongside South Korean actress Go Ara in the TV series Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. 2017 was quite a successful year for Park Seo Joon. He co-starred with Kim Ji-won in the hit romance film ‘Fight for My Way’ which also topped the ratings.

Park landed his first big screen starring role, opposite Kang Ha-nuel in the movie Midnight Runners, an action and comedy film. In the same year he won the Korea Film Actors Association Award for Popular Star. In 2018, South Korean press named Park the “Romantic Comedy Master” due to his stunning performance in the romantic comedy-drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, which achieved tremendous success in Asian countries.

The actor was a cast member on the variety show Youn’s Kitchen during its second season. He has also acted in so many other movies, TV series and music videos. His 7+ year career was prosperous and brought him a huge following, awards and also wealth.

Does he have a wife or girlfriend?

Park Seo Joon’s name hasn’t been spared from celebrity relationship gossip and rumors. In 2015, there were reports in certain quarters that Park had been dating Baek Jin Hee since 2013, although the relationship ended after that.

Seo Joon has reportedly been involved in many projects by other women but no official news regarding anyone. Apparently, the movie star is currently single and focused on reaching the peak of his career.

Its size and other facts

  • The Park Seo Joon, despite its charming appearance, has a very good figure and height. He is believed to be around 1.85 m in height, which is just over 6 feet.
  • Park has the physique, style and charisma of a model. He has made quite a number of advertising and modeling appearances.
  • The South Korean is the first man in all of Asia to become the face of the popular men’s underwear line – Tommy Hilfiger.
  • He has won many style and fashion awards to show how fashionable he is.
  • Despite not being gay, Seo-Joon has a strong relationship with his close male friends.
  • The actor also shows a high level of concern and care not only for his friends but also for his co-actors and sometimes they are even attached.
  • Park is a die-hard baseball fan and also watches football. His passion for baseball in particular is off the charts.
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