Nick Cokas – Bio, Age, Net worth, Married, Wife, Divorce

Nick Cokas is an American actor, celebrity manager, and businessman. He is co-founder of McPhee Outreach, which started as a non-profit organization in January 2006 with his former wife, Katharine McPhee. He served as the director of organization, technology, marketing and entertainment of Straight Edge LLC, where he worked for over a decade.

As an actor, Cokas has had small roles in films and series such as Wilde Orchidee (1989) and Invasion (2005). In Wild Orchid he worked with actors such as Bruce Greenwood and Mickey Rourke .

Nick Cokas may not be popular as an actor, but he gained huge popularity after marrying famous actress, singer-songwriter Katharine McPhee. After working as an actor and helping his then-wife’s career, Nick turned his focus to being a successful entrepreneur. Below you will find the most important information about the actor and businessman.

Nick Coka’s Bio (Age)

Nick Cokas was born in San Francisco, California on April 11, 1965. There are no details about his childhood growing up, his family, parents and siblings. While he has yet to reveal his heritage, he is of white ethnicity and American nationality.

As for his career, besides appearing in films and television, Cokas is recognized as a successful entrepreneur. He is the original founder of Cokas Corp., a company that serves as a bridge between companies and artists. In addition to being his ex-wife’s manager (until 2014), he has also worked with other top musicians such as Katty Perry and Nicki Minaj. His biggest customers also include Walmart, GAP, Proctor & Gamble and Adidas.

Married Life – Wife and Divorce

Nick Cokas was married to Katharine McPhee; the union ended in 2016. It remains to be seen whether or not Cokas is dating anyone else, but details of his relationship, six-year marriage and divorce with the actress have been a sensational topic of discussion around the internet for so many reasons.

First, his ex-wife took part and it was the runner-up of the fifth season of American Idol who launched her career in the entertainment industry. The two ran for about three years, regardless of the 23-year difference between them. They held a big ceremony in Beverly Hills in February 2008. Meanwhile, he also managed McPhee’s career. Photos of them looking inseparable are circulating all over the internet. Most of the pictures of Cokas show herself and the actress.

In addition, Cokas and his ex-wife were involved in several social causes while still together, including the music program Rhythm of Hope, which benefited sick children, and the construction of two schools in the West African capital, Burkina Faso. They traveled to West Africa together in 2012 to provide educational resources to children who could not afford it.

After about six years together and having been, McPhee got separated last year and filed for divorce. This comes a few months after the photo of the star kissing her Smash director Michael Morris in October 2013 became a news blitz. It was more scandalous since Morris is also married and has children.

The divorce papers filed by the actress revealed that the date of their separation was March 15, 2013; This is seven months before the pictures where she kisses the director. Nick Cokas and Katharine McPhee did not father any children from the union and although they are no longer together, they have maintained a warm relationship for working together.

His capital

Nick Cokas has an estimated net worth of US$6 million made through his career as an actor and as a celebrity executive. He also receives additional financial benefits from his divorce with ex-wife McPhee

According to excerpts from Los Angeles court documents presiding over the divorce hearing, Cokas was scheduled to receive $102,616 in settlement and $400,000 spousal support for up to a year.

While his ex gets to keep all the furniture, artwork, a 2013 Mercedes M-Class SUV, insurance policies, certain TV and music rights. Cokas received a percentage of his ex’s music royalties and his 2013 Jeep Wrangler.

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