Naveen Andrews – Bio, Son, Wife, Children, Net worth, Height, Ethnicity

Popular for his portrayal of the role of a former Iraqi soldier Sayid Jarrah on the set of the television series Lost, celebrity actor Naveen Andrews is a British man of Indian descent who grew up in London. He carved a niche for himself in London when he performed in My Lovely Laundromat – a stage performance. His roles in The Suburb Buddha and London Is Killing Me were well received by fans, but he gained international acclaim on the set of the Oscar-winning English Patient , starring as Kip.

Andrews’ other productions include a remake of Rollerball , Grindhouse, Planet Terror, The Brave One, and Provoked: A True Story He was also on the set of Bride & Prejudice, Kama Sutra: A Love Story and Simply He has also won a number of awards and nominations for his entertainment achievements, including the 2006 Golden Globe Award (nominated), the 2005 Primetime Emmy Award (nominated), and the 2006 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (winner).

Ethnicity and Early Life of Naveen Andrews

His place of birth is Lambeth, London but his current nationality is the United States of America where he has been naturalized since 2010. His dual UK/US citizenship cannot downplay his Malayali ethnic roots as his ancestry is rooted in India. He was born on January 17, 1969.

Naveen Andrews’ parents were Stanley Andrews(father) – a businessman and Nirmala (mother) – a psychologist. Both his mother and father were Malayali Nasrani immigrants who came to Britain from Kerala in India. He grew up in Wandsworth with a younger brother in a Christian home. His family members are Methodists and Andrews found their way of raising children very oppressive.

About his education, he attended the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama after being auditioned for and accepted. Among his classmates were notable artists such as David Thewlis and Ewan McGregor. His prestigious training paid off when he landed a role in 1991 ‘s London Kills Me by Hanif Kureshi.

Naveen Andrews has a drinking problem and was addicted to heroin for a couple of years in the mid-90s. According to him, he once fainted on set and was taken care of by the emergency team.

Naveen Andrews Net Worth (Income and Earnings)

The veteran actor’s estimated net worth was put at a whopping $10 million by a trusted source. From what we’ve gathered, he’s made a majority of his fortune through his acting career. We expect an upward trend in his net worth in future releases.

His wife, son, children

By all accounts, Naveen Andrews seems to have a fondness for older women; His love life began at the age of 16 when he rebelled against his parents’ wishes and left home to live with Geraldine Feakins, his math teacher 14 years his senior. According to Andrews, he ran away from home because his parents were very abusive. They avoided him even after he moved and died without reconciliation. His relationship with Geraldine lasted until 1991 before they called it quits, but by that time their son Jaisal Andrews was already pregnant. Jaisal was born in 1992.

In 1998, he had another romantic adventure with Barbara Hershey, an actress working in LA. Noteworthy is the fact that Barbara is 21 years older than him. The duo met while they were on the set of Drowning on Dry Land They were together until 2005, when they experienced slight friction in their relationship, which led to a brief breakup. During this gap, Andrews took time off to father a son named Naveen Joshua Andrews with Elena Eustache – a Czech-French actress. According to the records, he later reunited with Barbara, but surprisingly, in May 2010, the couple announced that they had been estranged for six months.

The famous actor was involved in a custody battle with his baby mom Elena. He won the case and was granted sole physical and legal custody of the child on January 7, 2009. Although he has not entered into a proper marriage with any woman, Andrews believes he has done well as a parent.


His height is 5 feet 9 inches with a matching body weight of 75 kg. He has black curly hair, but the details of his other body measurements are not currently available.

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