Montana Jordan Biography- 5 Cool Facts About Young American Actor

Montana Jordan is a rising star in the Hollywood film industry, and he is notable for portraying the character of Georgie Cooper Jr. on the popular sitcom Young Sheldon. It’s also interesting to know that the newcomer also played Jaden Ferguson in The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter after beating 10,000 child actors in the audition.

The young actor is gradually winning the hearts of film lovers with his impressive performances and even won a Young Artist Award in 2018. Learn more about him below.

Montana Jordan’s biography

The handsome actor was born on March 8, 2003 in Longview, Texas, where he also spent his early years. His father’s name is Tony Jordan and his mother’s name has been given as Kelli Pieratt Smith. Jordan is his parents’ last child and he has two older siblings – Jaden and Katelli Jordan. Regarding his education, it is believed that he should be in school, but we have yet to confirm the name of his school.

However, it is obvious that Montana Jordan is already on his way to becoming a film industry icon as a child actor, he is known for his impressive performance of various roles. It’s even known that the rising star struggled to master the art of playing the acoustic guitar when he landed the role of Jaden in The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter Moreso for his role in The Big Bang Theory, Jordan was praised for his performance and earned him wider recognition as well as a good number of fans on social media.

Furthermore, when the young actor starred as Georgie in Young Sheldon, he was set to portray a brazen older brother who didn’t get along with his younger brother Sheldon. It was no easy feat for Montana Jordan, who, as the last child in his family, maintains close ties with his siblings, to assert himself. It would be correct to say that his role was a complete contrast to who he really is.

Cool facts about Montana Jordan

1. Montana Jordan has had a successful career

Jordan has been appearing in movies since Montana2017, there’s been no turning back as the young man gradually climbs the Hollywood ladder. His first role is as the lead of Georgie – who he still portrays on the ongoing sitcom Young Sheldon The next year, offers knocked on his door and he landed a role in the film Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter and also appeared in the series The Big Bang Theory .

It is also interesting to know that Jordanin his role as Jaden in “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter” has surpassed more than 10,000 candidates among the children. He was nominated for a 2018 Young Artist Award for his role in Young Sheldon.

2. The young actor is close with his family

It’s always nice to see a tight-knit family, and Montana Jordan’s family is a prime example. The boy isn’t shy about showing his appreciation for his family’s support as he continues his career. He even took to his Instagram page to wish his dad a Happy Father’s Day in 2018.

3. He enjoys riding dirt bikes and playing soccer

Aside from his interest in acting, the talented actor also has a fondness for riding dirt bikes. He was even a dirt bike racer at the tender age of 5 and currently owns a fancy dirt bike. Moreso, Jordan is an avid soccer player who was once a member of his local team, Ore City Rebels.

4. Jordan is the appropriate height for his age

As a growing child, Montana Jordan stands at an average height of 5ft 5in which perfectly supports his moderate body weight. He also has remarkable brown curls that are perfect for his light brown eyes.

5. The aspiring actor is also a YouTube sensation

It’s fascinating to know that this actor has also tried to be a YouTuber. He currently has his own channel, Montana Jordan Vlogs which was launched sometime in April 2017 and he currently has over 13,000 subscribers.

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