Mick Foley Daughter, Wife, Net Worth, Height, What Happened To His Ear?

Mick Foley is a former American professional wrestler, color commentator and author currently connected to WWE. Among Foley’s many legacy bouquets, he is considered one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. He was inducted into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame; four times world champion; an eleven-time World Tag Team Champion; once TNA Legends Champion and first WWF Hardcore Champion.

Michael Francis Foley was born in Bloomington, Indiana on June 7, 1965, and was raised by his parents along with his older brother, John Foley. He practically grew up in East Setauket, New York when his family later moved to the town, where he attended Ward Melville High School, played lacrosse and wrestled as an extracurricular .

Wrestling career

Foley’s wrestling career was inspired by his favorite wrestler, Jimmy Snuka. While still a student at the State University of New York at Cortland, he used to go to Madison Square Garden to indulge and watch ring fights.

In his pursuit of professional wrestling, Foley began his training at Dominic DeNucci’s wrestling school in Freedom, Pennsylvania. He debuted in 1983 and took part in squash matches as a jobber for WWF television tapings with Prime Time Wrestling and Superstars of Wrestling. He struggled for several years as Jack Foley and Nick Foley, facing top talent including the British Bulldogs and Hercules Hernandez.

At the time, Foley was also wrestling in the independent circuit since he had not signed a contract with the promotion.

However, he finally got his break in the field when he started getting offers from various regional promotions. After making his pick of the offers, Foley joined the Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) under the name Cactus Jack, where he teamed with Gary Young on Stud Stable. As Cactus Jack, he always showed up in the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat and went on to win the title in the 1995 King of Deathmatch tournament in Yokohama, Japan.

Mick Foley continued to struggle, taking on the name, Humanity, a character Foley was inspired by reading ‘Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein’ and listening to the music of Tori Amos. He became a three-time WWE Champion and was best known for his epic and brutal fight with The Undertaker in 1998 ‘s Hell in a Cell encounter. Foley was knocked unconscious during the fight, but was injured multiple times, one of his front teeth being lodged in his nose.

What happened to his ear?

Foley’s right ear was amputated in a match dubbed one of WWE’s most brutal, against Vader in Munich, Germany in 1994.

Still wrestling as Cactus, Foley faced Vader in a Texas Deathmatch at Halloween Havoc. His feud with his opponent made the fight so violent that WCW later refused to book him again against Vader on pay-per-view.

As the two exchanged blows, Vader reached out and grabbed Foley’s ear, which had already suffered a bad cut during the executioner, and ripped it out. Despite this, rather than patching up his ears, Foley opted to wrestle the already scheduled fight with Kevin Sullivan and won his only WCW Championship title.


Life after the struggle

Considering he will be retiring from the ring soon, Foley immersed himself in writing and the result is his memoir, Good Day. For those without the help of a ghostwriter, Foley’s memoir hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list in October 1999 and stayed there for over five months.

So far, the former wrestling mania has written five books including

  • Foley is good,
  • diaries,
  • Countdown to lockdown
  • Tietam Brown
  • A Christmas not to be missed

With his verbal and literal skills, Mick Foley became a guest lecturer at universities and quickly transitioned into comedic comedy in 2009. He is currently represented by Innovative Artists.

Comme il n’y a pas de limites dans l’industrie du divertissement, l’ancien lutteur a canalisé ses talents d’acteur et a été présenté dans plusieurs films, émissions de télévision, dont Échange de célébrités. Il a également prêté sa voix à des séries animées telles que Avatar: le dernier maître de l’air.

Mick Foley et sa famille parrainent des enfants avec Child-Fund International et ce, depuis plus de deux décennies.

Valeur nette

Le lutteur vétéran a gagné plusieurs millions de dollars au cours de sa carrière dans le ring de 1983 à 2012; auteur de 1999 à aujourd’hui; à un acteur de 1996 à présenter.

His annual salary is set at $1 million and his salary net worth is estimated at $15 million. He currently lives in East Setauket, an upscale neighborhood in New York City, and owns a modest collection of luxury cars.

Mick Foley’s wife

Foley has been married to former model Colette since 1992 and they have four children. Noelle Margaret, Dewey Francis, Hughie Francis and Michael Francis Foley Jr.




Sa fille Noelle Margaret Foley est tout à fait uneadulte maintenant et fait ses marques sur les médias sociaux. Elle compte déjà jusqu’à 859 000 adeptes sur Instagram et semble plutôt intéressée à suivre les traces de son père dans le monde de la lutte. Avec ses courbes de six images et ses courbes fines, elle est décrite comme une personne pouvant être considérée pour le championnat intercontinental. Mais de son côté sexy sur sa page IG, je dirais, le mannequinat lui ressemble davantage pour les 23 ans.

Mais la petite fille qui a pleuré il y a plus de dix ans lorsqu’elle a vu son père se faire frapper avec une chaise dans le ring, devient maintenant une pro de la lutte elle-même.

Toute la famille Foley est également à l’affiche d’une émission de téléréalité, Holy Foley, basé sur la vie dans le quartier Smithtown de la famille Foleydomicile. Il a été créé en 2016 sur WWE Network. L’entraînement de Noelle à la lutte est filmé tout au long de la série sur le thème du lien unique fille-père.

Mesure du corps

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Poids: 130 kg (287 lb)

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