Michael Shanks Bio, Wife – Lexa Doig, Net worth and Children

Canadian actor, director, and writer Michael Shanks is famous for portraying the iconic role of Dr. Daniel Jackson in the military science fiction series, Stargate SG–1 His portrayal of Dr. Charles Harris in Keeping Up Hope , a Canadian medical drama also helped make him a household name. In addition to television, Shanks has some stage acting experience. His acting skill was widely appreciated by fans and critics alike.

Shanks has also featured in direct-to-DVD productions of Stargate films such as Stargate: Continuum and Stargate: The Ark of Truth He has acted in other films including Suddenly Naked, All Around Town, Suspicious River, and Door to Door On the director’s side, he is co-owner of Slacktwaddle Productions, alongside his friend and co-star Christopher Judge. He also directed a few Stargate SG – 1 episodes. Shanks has received a number of awards and nominations for his role, let it track a bit…

Michael Shanks’ Bio

The popular actor was born Michael Garrett Shanks on December 15, 1970 in Vancouver, Canada. He was raised in Kamloops, BC. He was very athletic and participated in many extracurricular activities: he was a member of his secondary school’s student council, performed with the theater troupe, and played on the hockey and rugby teams. He was really good at hockey and fulfilled the dream of one day playing at a professional level. However, he gave up that dream in favor of a more stable career.

Shanks went to British Columbia to get a business administration degree, but after struggling with the math and failing, he decided to major in theater and later earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in 1994. After having leaving school, he spent two years as an apprentice at the Stratford Festival in Ontario, and in a few productions. While there, he harbored hopes that he would one day be called upon to bring the character of Henry V to life.

In 1993, Michael Shanks had a role in Highlander: The Series , an American science fiction adventure television series in which he played Jesse Collins. He has also featured in other series such as Madison, The Commish, Eye Level , and University Hospital He landed his first film role in 1995, A Divided Family His appearance in the film paved the way for features in other films, including The Call of the Wind: The Yukon Fog, The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon, Arctic Breath, Faces in the Crowd, under the neck e and Sumuru

He got his big break when he auditioned for Stargate SG-1 and received a callback inviting archaeologist Dr. Daniel to perform. He stayed for five seasons before deciding to leave the show, as he felt his character wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. He returned in three episodes of season six after his fans clamored for him to be brought back.

Shanks began his directing career with season four of the series, receiving rave reviews for his work. He later expanded his professional resume to include writer after writing an episode titled Resurrection , in Stargate SG–1 Season 7. He also starred in TV series such as Andromeda, Outer Limit, Eureka , and 24 He portrayed the character, Victor Stecker-Epps in the Burn Notice series.

His work earned him several awards, including a 2004 Leo Award for Best Theatrical Performance in a Drama Series and a 2009 Leo Award for Lead Performance in Drama.

His net worth

Michael Shanks has actively appeared on the small and big screens for over two decades. At that time, he managed to make a small fortune. He has been earning an annual income of around $25 million for some time and his net worth is estimated at $215 million. This number will only grow over the years if it continues at its current rate.

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