Michael Schoeffling – Bio, Wife, Family, Dude, where is he now?

When it comes to the acting profession, not many have been called in front of the camera for too long. While some are like the sun whose fire has burned for a long time and continues to burn, others were more like a match that burned brightly for only a short time. For those whose lifetime dream was an acting career, the latter can be a rather depressing reality, and for those who simply want the experience of being on screen and enjoying the fame that comes from a brief stint in front of the camera it’s very fulfilling. For Michael Schoeffling it was the fulfillment of a dream. The actor who was known across America and around the world as Jake Ryan on Sixteen Candlesis now a furniture maker as a famous actor after a short while. Learn more about Michael Schoeffling below.

Biography & Age

Michael Schoeffling was born on December 10, 1960 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Knowing his right hand from his left, he wanted a career in front of the camera. Raised in South Jersey with his siblings, he attended Cherokee High School before attending Temple University to study liberal arts and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Pennsylvania-born Michael Schoeffling lived the dream of many when he was cast as Jack Ryan in the 1984 teen film. Sixteen Candles It was the culmination of a life of pursuit of a career in front of the camera that had begun since childhood.

Not many have had the kind of life and career Michael has had. From high school and through college, he’s had success. While still in school he was a competitive wrestler and a successful one too. He competed in several national and international competitions and won personal medals, including a gold medal for the United States at a junior wrestling national team meeting in Munich. After conquering the sport, he embarked on an entertainment career.

He got his start in the entertainment industry as a model, due to his good looks and extremely charming face. He was even a model for the prestigious GQ magazine. Michael had the benefit of having someone who believed in him and his dream of being an actor in the person of Bruce Weber, a photographer he had worked with at GQ and who paid for his acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.

That belief in Michael bore fruit in 1984 when he was cast in his first-ever role as Jake Ryan on Sixteen Candles. The film itself has achieved cult status, including his role as Jake Ryan, about whom the Washington Post once wrote an article entitled ‘Real Men Can’t Touch Jake Ryan With Sixteen Candles  After film, Michael Schoeffling appeared in nine other films, including Mermaids and Slaves of New York and on television as Lance in an episode of Deadly Nightmares in 1986 before retiring in 1991.

According to Michael himself, his retirement was the result of a growing family and his rolelessness. Michael Schoeffling’s career candle burned brightly for seven years. While it may not have been the long career he envisioned in front of the camera, he can look back with satisfaction at having created a timeless piece of Hollywood cinema.

family & wife

Michael Schoeffling’s resignation was forced by his desire to provide for his family. An admirable quality that is present in both the man and the character he is famous for. He is married to Valerie C. Robinson who, like Michael, is also a former model. The couple has been able to raise two children so far – Scarlet and Zane. The beautiful family currently resides in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania.

Where is Michael Schoeffling now?

With acting and modeling behind him, Michael turned to furniture making. The Sixteen Candles star, whose seven-year Hollywood streak helped build a $500,000 fortune, now runs a woodworking shop in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, where he makes and sells handcrafted furniture to interested customers. A simple look at his life suggests that stepping away from Hollywood wasn’t a regrettable decision.

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