Michael Rady – Bio, Wife – Rachael Kemery, Family, Net Worth

Fans of Michael Rady may have noticed that the actor has found himself in an “ethnic” casting niche more often than not. This is due to his charcoal hair color and olive complexion which made him suitable for these roles. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the musician has not only showcased his talents, but has also pulled off some notable achievements that have earned him admirers far and wide. Read on to learn more about his career and personal life.

Michael Rady’s bio

Michael Rady was welcomed into the world20. August 1981 in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aside from his date and place of birth, next to nothing is known about his early life and childhood, how he received his education, and which cities he grew up in. There is also no information on the details of his family, such as the identities of his parents and whether he is an only child or has siblings.

What is known to the public about Rady came after he made his film debut in the comedy-drama film. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005), where he played the role of Kostas. The actor, who starred in the film alongside America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel and Blake Lively, was acclaimed by critics and fans alike for his performance when he received two Teen Choice Awards nominations in 2005.

A year after his Hollywood debut, Michael Rady began playing the role of Jason in Sleeper Cell (2006-2007), starring in four episodes. He then bagged guest spots on shows like CSI: NY and ER in 2007 before landing the prominent role of Doug Stephens on the CBS series Swingtown (2008).

The same year, while also beginning to play the character of Max Tyler in Greek (2008-2009), Rady landed his role of Kostas in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (2008). Just as he pulled it off in the film’s first installment, Rady has been acclaimed by both fans and critics for his performances.

In 2009, Michael Rady played the roles of Jack Ross and Scott in InSerachOf and Being Involved respectively. He also made guest appearances on The Closer and Grey’s Anatomy before landing a starring role in Melrose Place (2009-2010) where he played the character of Jonah Miller. Rady was a part of the show for 18 episodes, a time during which he guest-appeared on other television shows such as Medium, Castle , and Happy Endings

In 2011, Rady appeared in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar (2011) alongside A-list actors such as Judi Dench, Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Lucas, Armie Hammer and Naomi Watts. Other notable appearances have included Luther Wainwright in The Mentalist (2011-2012), Micah Barnes in Emily Owens MD (2012-2013), Lachlan Moore in Jane the Virgin (2014-2015), and Chris Jameson in Intelligence (2014).

Family – Wife (Rachael Kemery)

Unlike a few people who would rather have theirs, Michael Rady has chosen a partner from the Hollywood scene to which he belongs. The actor is married to actress Rachael Kemery who is best known for her roles in films like Looking For (2009), Chance Encounters (2013) and Secret Santa (2018).

Just like Rady, Kemery is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native who was born on May 2, 1984, making him about three years younger than Michael. Like her husband, very little is known about her other than that she stands at 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) tall.

Michael Rady and RachaelKemery reportedly exchanged vows in 2010 at an unknown date. Since then, they have started a family and raised three children. Two sons and one daughter for the world. The couple’s children are Ellington, born July 12, 2012; August Born July 12, 2014; and their daughter Olive, born September 20, 2016.

Michael Rady’s Net Worth (Income and Earnings)

After appearing as a lead in, there are not only some hit TV shows, but also a Clint Eastwood movie. It’s safe to say that Michael Rady banked and is holding up very well. To say exactly how well the actor has fared, multiple sources have put an estimated net worth at $600,000.

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