Michael Berryman – biography, wife, net worth, height

It’s not every day that we see the likes of Michael Berryman starring in movies or TV series, but when he does, the actor brings to life, in a fundamental way, the best portrayal of his character that has left even the highest paid actors and actresses in the world industry will fail. All of these abilities can be traced back to a rare physical health condition that he was born with but has spun into roles in Hollywood’s horror and villain films.

Michael has given it his all since his acting debut, starring in many films, bagging an award nomination as well as winning one. Just like any other celebrity, he has a life outside of what he does on movies/movie sets. Here we’re going to take a closer look at his life before fame and how he’s risen so far over the years.

Michael Berryman’s biography

On September 4, 1948 the actor was born and was named Michael John Berryman in Los Angeles, California, USA but became more popularly known as Michael Berryman. At the time of his birth, life did not begin for him like most others born at that time. Michael was born with a rare condition known as hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia which caused him to have a small head, lack of sweat glands, hair, and developmental disorders with his fingernails and skin. So he looked different than many other people.

Still, the boy took life as it came and against all odds, he turned around, which would have been his limitation to his greatest strength.

Loved writing about his childhood lifeFather Sloan Berryman was a neurosurgeon stationed in Hiroshima by the US Navy in 1947. He was exposed to radiation, which likely resulted in his son being born with birth/developmental disabilities a year later. As you can imagine, throughout his childhood, the child was severely bullied by peers. He often called his children to report them to their parents. He has done this countless times, but his heart has never been broken by the challenges life has thrown at him.

However, while we have no record of the educational institutions Michael Berryman went through, we do know that he studied art history in college and began a career in business before venturing into the world of acting.

Michael Berryman’s earliest screen work was recorded in Doc Savage: The Bronze Man (1975), in which he acted as the medical examiner. He then became popular after his portrayal of Ellis in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) and Pluto in The Hills Have Eyes (1977). The actor has also appeared in commercially successful television series such as Star Trek V: The Last Frontier (1989), where he played the Sybok Warrior and The X File (1993).

Berryman continued to act in many films throughout the 90’s and has been Zombie Head in Scooby Doo for the past decade! Curse of the Sea Monster (2010), Dr. Pepperdine in Kill or Be Killed (2015), Crau in Death House (2017), and Violent Starr (2018) as The Godmichael.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Looking back on the years as his fellow children, Michael Berryman, who taunted and bullied him, can safely beat his chest and say he did well and seen the multitude of acting works he was a part of. For everything he has done so far and possibly everything he has invested in, the actor has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.


Michael Berryman hasn’t grown or developedPhysically, the actor isn’t lacking in size. His height was given as 1.88 m. At this height he weighs about 87 kg.

who is his wife

The Violent Starr actor is a married man. He found love with Patricia Berryman, whom he married and lived with in their home in Clearlake, California. However, details of their marriage are not known and it is not clear if the actor shares one or more children with his wife. However, we can assume that his wife is supporting his career and things are going well with them.

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