Merrick Hanna – Biography and Personal Profile of America’s Got Talent Dancer

Little by little, Merrick Hanna expands his horizons in the entertainment business with performances such as acting (stage and screen), modeling. He has also become overly popular as a freestyle dancer. The latter earned him worldwide acclaim and for what it’s worth, nothing short of spectacular is expected when you’ve got an octagonal granny who still takes her dance classes seriously.

Known for spreading the Flo-Bot style of dancing, Merrick Hanna has big dreams for the future and while a career in entertainment is part of that, one of the things he wants to achieve in life is to become a robotic technician. The boy is very good with numbers and is an excellent mathematician. Interestingly, developing an early flair for showbiz hasn’t quashed his eagerness to pursue his academic dreams as he plans to go all the way to college.

Merrick Hanna – Bio

The multi-talent was born on March 22, 2005, in the United States, precisely in San Diego, California. His family is small, consisting of his parents, Shawn and Aletha Hanna, and his younger brother, Sagan.

He’s a Khan Academy student and is aiming to land at the University of California at Los Angeles, where he’ll likely study something that would put him on the path to becoming a robotics engineer. The young lad is good at math, talented with numbers and is teaching himself to code in Java. While studying at school is one of his top priorities, it doesn’t take Marrick’s attention away from dancing, a passion he’s had since childhood.

Personal profile of The America’s Got Talent Dancer

Apparently influenced by his active grandmother, Marrick Hanna (also a dance enthusiast) began dancing at the young age of nine. Additionally, watching “Jabbawockeez” on ABDC sparked interest and he soon became an expert in freestyle dancing, popular for his “Flo-Bot” dance moves. In addition to his grandfather’s influence, Marrick was offered the opportunity to learn techniques through TV dance shows and online videos, which he often watched.

At the age of ten, a viral video of him dancing sold his talent to different audiences, skyrocketing his fame as a talented dancer. This brought him the right attention and expanded his reach on social media. By this time, Merrick Hanna knew he was actually meant for dancing and began trying his hand at local dance competitions at UC San Diego to compete against adult dancers.

Marrick Hanna has participated in reality television shows including Lip Sync Battle Shorties which air on Nickelodeon. He also ran his trade with So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. In addition, he tried unsuccessfully to enter America’s acclaimed Got Talent competition in seasons 10 and 11, but his next attempt in season 12 yielded a positive result. The judges loved him, but that wasn’t enough to get him into the finals as he took a bow in week two of the semifinals after dancing to Jon Bellion on iRobot (The Human Condition)

Not surprisingly, his last performance was lit – the young dancer even pulled a few tricks that made him levitate in mid-air. Judge Mel B gave him a standing ovation afterwards, but unfortunately the audience couldn’t get their votes through and he was shown the exit door.

As he continues his career as a professional dancer, Merrick Hanna has recorded more than a few dance videos that have gone viral on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. He participated in YouTube Onstage in mid-2018. The annual entertainment show took place in Anaheim, California. The dancer also shows off his skills at the corner Family YMCA to keep the kids entertained there, and also helps out with the organization’s charity events.

Marrick Hanna’s acting career is not neglected. He has appeared on stage and screen. He took part in two full Shakespearean summer runs – Much Ado About Nothing and A Winter’s Tale with the Intrepid Theater Company. He also appeared in one of the episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show performing his dance moves.

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