Max Gail – Bio, Wife, Children, Family, Age, Net Worth

Building a legacy is no easy task to achieve successfully takes hard work and determination. There are many people who have achieved this in their lifetime and one of them is actor Max Gail – known for his work in theater performances, film and television shows. He has successfully transferred his talent as an actor to the various mediums of acting and this is what he is most remembered for in his 40+ year acting career. Read on to learn more about this American actor.

Max Gail’s Bio (Age)

1943 was the year Mary Elizabeth Scanlon and Maxwell Trowbridge Gail had their first children, Mary and Maxwell. They were born on April 5th of this year in Detroit, Michigan and were named after their parents. The family also had another set of twins and one child, giving birth to a total of five children. Of the five children, Max, his twin sister and the only child who is not a twin, have had careers in the film industry.

The senior Maxwell worked as a businessman; it isI did not know what profession her mother had. As a child, the actor was interested in piano, so he decided to learn to play the piano. This interest was sparked after witnessing his father play the instrument. The name of the high school he attended is not known. However, Max Gail received his first degree in economics from Williams College in Massachusetts. In 1969, four years after graduating with a degree in economics, he transferred to the University of Michigan to study international finance. There he earned a Master of Arts in the above-mentioned course.


Before debuting in the acting world, MaxGail had a career in education. He worked at the University Liggett School in Michigan as a lecturer; He also worked at the local university, Grosse Pointe University School, as a professor of English and Ancient History.

Max Gail became a professional actor in 1970 with his Little Fox Theater debut playing the role of Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – This was the first and original production of the play. His next roles were in small films until 1975, when he starred as Stan Wojo Wojciehowicz in Barney Miller This is the role he is most remembered for and has received the most acclaim as it earned him his two Primetime Awards. He was all the time in the show that was on TV, not only as an actor but also as a director.

His success in this role was the gateway to many more roles in television and film. Some of his other notable appearances in television and film include DC Cab , Whizz Kids Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers , NCIS , Mad Men , Quantum Leap , Hawaii Five-O , and 42

As of 2019, Max Gail was on the show General Hospital, a show widely known to be the longest running fictional show on television. Gail plays the role of Mike Corbin; He joined the show in 2018 and has already won an Emmy for his performance. The actor owns his own production company dedicated to creating documentaries.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Max Gail has had a relatively successful career as an actor, director and producer of documentaries. This successful career accounts for the $6 million that makes up his estimated net worth.

Max Gail’s family (wife and children)

Max Gail has been married twice, his first marriage was to a woman named Willie Bier. They married in 1983, but the marriage ended three years later when Bier died of complications from cancer in 1986. Before she died they had a daughter named India and she was born in 1984. Willie Bier’s death was the reason he took on the role of narrator in the documentary. Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime

Nan Harris is the name of the second woman he gotmarried and their marriage took place in 1989. This union produced two children, Max and Grace, the former was born in 1990 while Grace was born in 1993. Harris and Gail are now divorced, however the reason for their split is unknown.

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