Martyn Ford – Bio and Bodybuilder Facts

British bodybuilder and actor Martyn Ford came to media attention for his remarkable transformation from just 11 stone in his youth to an impressive 23 stone piece of a man. He was looking to pursue a career in cricket when a serious injury held him back and after recovering from the inherent depression he made the conscious decision to pursue an alternative career as a bodybuilder. Martyn’s popularity as a nightmare and real-life Hulk has earned him a slew of roles in films like Boyka: Undisputed (2016), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), Accident Man and Redcon-1, both in 2018. He will appear in a few to come productions as appearRobin Hood Insurrection , bottom line, as well as Kill Ben Lyk He was recently cast in the role of an orc in Shadow of War ‘s official TV commercial Not Today, Brian

Aside from acting and bodybuilding, MartynFord is a popular influencer on social media. He competed as an athlete at the 10th Anniversary Bodypower Expo in May 2018 in Birmingham, his hometown. The bodybuilder, fitness model, actor and social media sensation also has a good head for business, having acquired his own gym which he personally manages.

Martyn Ford – Bio and Bodybuilder Facts

Martyn Ford- Bio

He was born in Minworth, Birmingham, West Midlands, on May 26th, 1982 under the astrological sign of Gemini Gemini. His nationality is apparently British, but his ethnicity is unknown. There is absolutely no information as to the identity of his parents and siblings, but records show that he was born into a Christian home and remains a Christian to this day.

There is insufficient information about his academic background, but as collected, he is a high school graduate and majored in physical education at university. Martyn had started out as a cricketer in his youth, but suffered from a severe glandular fever that sidelined him for a year and failed in his planned career. As a result, he had to make a U-turn and face another career in bodybuilding, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Interesting facts about Martyn Ford

body measurements

Martyn Ford is one of the tallest men in the bodybuilding profession, standing at a massive height of 6ft 8in which is approximately 2.04m. His body weight was last listed as 145 kg or 320 pounds, which goes absolutely well with his large size. His general body measurements are the same, summarized as 52-39-35; The breakdown is 52 for the chest, 39 for the waist and 35 for the hips. His biceps are measured at 22.5. The color of his hair is not known as he is bald, but his eyes are hazel in colour.

family life

Martyn has only been involved in one marriage in his life, his life partner’s name is Sacha Stacey. They rose to power in a private wedding ceremony in Birmingham in 2009 and their union has been in existence for almost a decade. Sacha is seven years younger than Martyn and stands at 5ft 7″ as opposed to his 6ft 8″.

Their marriage is blessed with the birth of their children – a couple of daughters named Imogen who were born in 2012 and their second daughter named Wynter who joined the group five years later in 2017. He is currently enjoying family life and is often seen as a committed parent to his daughters. Whenever possible I take Imogen to school.


There are two variants of the net worth for the one famous bodybuilder put his net worth at $4.5 million, a second at $5 million. It’s believed that a lion’s share of his fortune came from his bodybuilding and acting careers, while his other interests took the credit for a digit or two.

What makes him so special?

With the massive physique he was built of, Martyn Ford works hard and is dedicated to his workouts. He can lift the weight of the fattest woman in Britain who weighs 350kg and also has the ability to bypass the bulk of a smart car. According to the fitness model with bodybuilder, it took him three to four years of tireless work to get to his current height, and for more than a decade maintaining the status quo has been a real challenge.

In fact, it has become necessary for him to consume a lot of food by the hour – mainly chicken, oats, potatoes, egg whites, fish, plenty of water, as well as plenty of vegetables, which totals $ 250 for his weekly feeding. Not a drinker, he makes a conscious effort to avoid parties, but does attend dinners with family and friends. His training routine is four times a week, along with MMA training twice a week. It seems that Martyn Ford hasn’t stopped building a formidable character. He returned to university to study exercise science including nutrition as well as personal training. He currently owns and operates his personal gym known as Beta Bodyz in Minworth.

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