Marty Meierotto Bio, Age, Net Worth, Brother, Wife, Plane Crash

Adventure is a common word for a survivalist and fur trapper like Marty Meierotto. He lives in strange places in the United States and earns his living by trapping animals for their fur. He’s been doing this for a long time, thanks to which his story was featured on History’s reality series ”  Men of the Mountain. ” »

Living in dangerous places away from family and following his passion in life, Marty Meierotto is an inspiring person. His early life, career, personal life, appearance on Mountain Men, and net worth are covered in this article. So be sure to read this article till the very end.

Marty Meierotto: Bio and youth

Mary Meierotto was born in northern Wisconsin, USA. However, his exact date of birth is not known. This makes his age difficult to guess. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume he’s in his 50s.

Likewise, there isn’t much information about his parents either. But his father was also a trapper. As a result, he also became interested in trapping from an early age.

His father would also gladly help him realize his passion. So when he was seven, Marty’s dad took him to far northern Wisconsin to see how his dad would set traps for the animals. He became very excited to see his father’s works.

Even now, old Marty keeps those memories of his dad and him having little adventures on his mind. Marty learned many things from his father and forever carries their experiences in his memory.

He knew what he wanted to become in his life. It was to follow in his father’s footsteps. So, as soon as he finished high school, he started following the same path to becoming a trapper like his father. It was very competitive because there were a lot of trappers in Wisconsin and there were very few animals to catch.

So, being a trapper in Wisconsin was like being in a room full of doctors with no patients. But, once he set his determination on something, no one could stop him. So he did the right thing. He took his belongings and all of his savings with him and moved to Alaska.

Mountain Men Marty Meierotto

Bold and now equipped with trapping knowledge, Meierotto traveled to Alaska in 1985, and there he worked in his brother Jeff’s company. Eventually he settled down and settled there. Not to mention that Marty had to work hard in his early days.

Some of his work took him to work in Fairbanks as a janitor and lumberjack. Sometimes the trapper also worked in construction to earn enough money to live on and to buy traps.

After earning enough money, he built himself a small cabin so that it would be comfortable to warm up than a larger cabin. After having money, tents and other things, the proud “Mountain Man” devoted his time to trapping for a few years. He was content and happy.

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His story became popular after he appeared on the show “Mountain Men”. The exhibit showcased his way of life, set up traps for the animals to feed on, and more. In this way, the public started to take more interest in his life and he became famous.

After that, his progress increased rapidly. He built more cabins for himself. He must make good use of his time because the day in Alaska is short. In addition to being a trapper, he is also a smoker.

As he knows Alaska very well, he is in charge of stopping the fire during the fire hazards. He used to jump parachutes and turn off the light in different places in the United States for a period of time. Since the job paid better, it helped him support his family as well.

Personal life and family

As you may know, Marty was married to Dominique The two met at some point in Alaska. From their union, the couple has a beautiful daughter named Noah Jane All of the family members have been featured on “Mountain Men.” Her daughter is still small. Whenever he is done trapping, he returns to see his family every two weeks.

During this time, he makes sure to take care of all their needs. He loves his daughter and his wife very much. Although he doesn’t see his family every day, he still misses them and gets very excited when he meets them after a long time.

Why did Marty Meierotto leave the show?

Although Marty remained tight-lipped about his age, there was no way to hide that he was feeling the age. As the days went by, the reality TV star knew that her health, as well as her energy, was deteriorating.

Therefore, in mid-2019, Marty thought it would be best for him to leave the show. Now a father, Marty wanted to spend more time with his beautiful daughter while he still could or was young.

Moreover, the idea that he was followed by cameras always haunted him and even made him sick. So far, sanity and personal affairs, Marty has bid farewell to the Mountain Men.

Net worth of Marty Meierotto

He had been framed before coming to the “Mountain Men” show and earning a living from it. After appearing on the show, his net worth increased. However, he said he didn’t care about the money.

He has already found his purpose in life. Trapping is his passion, and it gives him satisfaction and happiness. He wouldn’t change what he does if he had less or more money. Overall, his net worth as of 2019 is estimated at $250,000 Trapping from a young age and having presented “Mountain Men”, his net worth in 2019 is expected to be $250,000.

He is a very resourceful and competent person. He knows how to make the most of things. He therefore modified his plane to become faster, lighter and less fuel-consuming. He got rid of unnecessary things like a heater, radio, etc. Its unusual habit is to spit tobacco juice into the snow. His fame led him to be featured in “Field & Stream” magazine.

Presence on social networks

Often people involved in nature or survival don’t tend to engage in social networking sites. Their life is different from that of other celebrities whose social media accounts mean a lot to continue maintaining their popularity. Like some of the other Mountain Men cast members, Marty Meierotto also doesn’t have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.

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