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In fairness, it wouldn’t be fair to make a Malcolm Jenkins is one of the National Football League (NFL) players. It would be a huge disservice to readers as there’s a lot more to the man than the American footballer and Philadelphia Eagles defensive back.

Just as Jenkins is a safety man for The Birds, one of the guys who is the team’s last line of defense, providing the Eagles with the naked audacity to steal as much as possible, push the limits and claim victory without worrying about home security; the footballer has taken several positions to fight against social injustice and improve the well-being of humanity. It is worth citing the obvious case here:

Following the disturbing murder of a handful of African Americans by those empowered by the state to protect citizens and maintain public order (the police, yes), Jenkins decided to fix the anomaly and launched a campaign. Many noticed that Mr Jenkins was ready to show some activism when he started raising his fist during the national anthem which usually marks the start of the games.

Nevertheless, it was thought that the man would grow tired of the raised fist thing of protest. He did not do it. Instead, he decided to develop activism with a real plan of action. It saw the defensive back crack with a former wide receiver, Anquan Boldin, to come up with a front that would give them and other NFL athletes their inaudible objection to social injustice and racism, allowing them to fight against plagues. Eventually, Jenkins and Boldin founded The Players Coalition.

Being a mastermind behind the group, the Eagles’ Safety has been actively involved in NLF Players’ Coalition activism. Among other things, it led players to confront government officials and local police to demand meaningful changes that would make black lives matter. With this, the NFL can no longer ignore what Jenkins and his guys are saying about injustice. The National Football League was to propose a partnership with the players’ coalition to help achieve social justice. To that end, the NFL has agreed to donate approximately $100 million to social justice organizations.

Malcolm Jenkins was repeatedly widely credited and revered for forcing the NFL to dig deep into its pockets for good, he barely came close to being worshiped for storming the White House along with a handful of others NFL players. They are said to have spoken to members of Congress about the need for criminal justice reform and improved race relations.

For the activism outlined above, Jenkins of the Birds was honored in 2017 with the NFLPA Byron Whizzer White Award. From what we’ve learned, the award is the highest honor that can be given to an NFL player for his positive impact on his team and on society at large.

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Biography of Malcolm Jenkins

Records indicate that Malcolm was born in EastOrange, New Jersey on December 20, 1987. Growing up, it was obvious that he would do well if he chose to be athletic. Those who didn’t want to recognize him hid in shame when young Jenkins entered high school.

He attended Piscataway Township High School in New Jersey where he excelled in other sports and proved to be a classic football player. Playing as both a defenseman and receiver, Malcolm became one of the high school darlings that led the school to state championships three times in a row.

Of course Jenkins went to college and as expected he remained a good footballer. He rose to the cornerback position for Ohio State University. Among his other accomplishments at Ohio State, he won the Jim Thorpe Award, an honor created for the best defense in college football in 1986. By this point, it was obvious that Malcolm Jenkins was about to embark on a brilliant career in the NFL. . As such, it was no surprise when the New Orleans Saints nominated him in the first round of the 2009 NFL Meeting for Eligible New Player Selection. The Aints made him one of the Bless You Boys, handing him a 5-year, $19 million deal.

In his first season with The Aints, the New Orleans team defeated the Indianapolis Colts to win the Super Bowl XLIV trophy. It was their first Super Bowl victory and Jenkins was one of the guys who made it easy. Malcolm stayed with The Saints until 2014 and his skills never lived up to expectations. In fact, he’s been crowned NFC Defensive Player of the Week multiple times.

In March 2014, he penned a three-year contract that shifted his allegiance from the New Orleans Saints to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Birds liked what he was offering and gave him a five-year, $40.5 million contract extension. Jenkins received it, continued to search for the Eagles, and was eventually nominated for his second Pro Bowl. It was in December 2017.

Wife, girlfriend, family

If you want to talk about Malcolm Jenkins’ love of life, you wouldn’t have to tell stories about his girlfriend(s); the man is married. Yes, Malcolm was Morrisa Jenkins’ husband. It is known that the Malcolm-Morissa marriage officially started in 2011 and the couple have been living happily ever since.

Now they have more in common than love – two lovely girls. The first, Elle was welcomed in 2013 and the second, Selah Nola, was born in January 2018.

Apparently, it was a tough call for the Malcolm family to leave New Orleans after the house manager signed for the Philadelphia Eagles. Ms Jenkins made this clear when she said the thought of moving away from everything they had come to love about Louisiana’s biggest city was unsettling.

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Malcolm Jenkins Net Worth, Facts

Should anyone argue that Jenkins’ worth of wealth is best known to him, this person is remarkably candid. While it can be seen that various disparaging and overstated figures have been cited as Jenkins net worth, these are all guesswork as we have not been able to substantiate these amounts. It is safer to point out that the footballer has accumulated enviable wealth from his football career.

To sum up, here are some facts to know about Malcolm Jenkins:

1. Jenkins was born on December 20, 1987;

2. He attended high school in the township of Piscataway, New Jersey, and Ohio State University;

3. Malcolm is 1.83m (6ft) tall and weighs 93kg (204lbs);

4. He played for the New Orleans Saints from 2009 to 2013;

5. Currently playing strong safety position for the Philadelphia Eagles;

6. Has 9 seasons experience as a professional footballer;

7. Jenkins is active in promoting the well-being of others. In 2010, he founded the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation to help young people become meaningful members of their communities.

8. He is considered a dead end in some quarters for accepting the money the NFL donated for the fight for social justice.

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