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The basketball game has produced some of the richest and most famous legends in the world and Magic Johnson is not only a top player, he is also a coach who, at the height of his career, was hit by a setback that brought his career to an unexpected end.

Magic Johnson retired as a professional basketball player and is currently the President of NBA Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. During his basketball career, the skilled player won five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and was voted championship Most Valuable Player.

The superstar had a wonderful career that was accidentally cut short after his HIV infection. Wondering what connection this has to his career, scroll further to find everything you need to know about the superstar.

Magic Johnson’s Bio

The black American superstar was born in Lansing, Michigan on August 14, 1959. His birth name was Earvin Johnson Junior. He was the fourth of seven children born to Christine and Earvin Johnson.

Johnson’s parents were very diligent and often did more than one job in order to be able to fend for their children. The young man also, at one point, did odd jobs in an effort to contribute to his family.

Magic attended Everett High School where he played for the basketball team. Very young, Johnson is passionate about basketball. He is a very skilled player who led his school team to win the national championship in 1977.

His nickname “Magic” was given to him after a skillful and dramatic performance during the state championship.

Johnson also attended Michigan State University where he continued his basketball career. While in college, the Michigan State University basketball team was the primary champion; they won the National College Basketball Championship. However, Magic won the tournament MVP award.

Professional career

After graduating from college, the outstanding new talent joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979. After a stellar performance in the first season, Magic signed a $25 million contract with the Lakers.

Magic took a leap forward in their career and recorded huge success with the Lakers. He played alongside famous players such as Norm Nixon, Jamaal Wilkes and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Johnson’s career with the Los Angeles Lakers was very successful. He was always in the starting lineup and played many games for the team.

With his deep commitment, skill and diligence Magic played for the Lakers from 1979 to 1989. He won five NBA championship titles with his teammates and was voted the team’s most valuable player five times in a row.

What caused Johnson’s sudden retirement?

At the height of his career in 1991, the Legend encountered a shocking incident which led to the sudden end of his successful career. Magic was diagnosed with HIV, but it became his nightmare and he found it hard to believe at the time.

Shortly after the diagnosis, Johnson also discovered that his wife, Cookie, was pregnant. Fortunately, his wife and son Earvin III tested negative.

The skillful player who won the hearts of many fans, however, publicly announced his health condition and also decided to retire, so that no one would laugh at him or look down on him.

As they always say, the downfall of man is not the end of his life, Magic Johnson Junior retired from professional basketball but his record went undefeated for so many years.

He was invited by the United States basketball team to the 1992 Olympics, his team had a great performance that led them to victory. The United States basketball team won the gold medal in the competition.

Also, Magic was able to handle his case with all possible medical attention, he was able to prevent HIV from escalating into AIDS. He attributed his HIV infection to neglect and unprotected sex. In an effort to enlighten those who share the same fate, the young champion wrote a book called What You Can Do to Avoid AIDS.

Despite his condition, Johnson’s love for basketball continues to grow. He announced his return in 1992 and, after having played a few matches with the Lakers, he left the club for health reasons.

Magic Johnson was not just a player, he also served as a coach for his club. First, he was named team vice-president and then coach of the Lakers towards the end of the 1992-93 season. He finally retired from professional basketball in May 1996.

Magic Johnson family: wife, children, son and daughter

Earvin Johnson was involved with Melissa Mitchell, their relationship did not end in marriage, but they had a son named Andre Johnson. The child was raised by his mother, Melissa, although Johnson shares a very good relationship with Andre.

Magic eventually married Cookie in 1991. They both have a son, Earvin Johnson III, and a daughter, Elisa, whom they adopted in 1995.

The superstar currently lives in California with her family.

Magic Johnson’s Son

The son of basketball legend Magic Johnson is a television personality best known for his role on the reality television show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Recently rumors have spread about the stargay kid, the rumors were confirmed after the rich kid went public with his sexual orientation and confirmed that he is gay. In response, his parents showed their support for their son, because being gay is acceptable in America. However, they encouraged him not to feel bad about his orientation and this helped the young man to blend in with society.

Magic Johnson net worth

The basketball star has amassed enormous wealth through his career and ventures, he currently has a net worth of US$600 million as of 2017. He has been hugely successful as an entrepreneur and has built a team of All-Star basketball who travels the world playing demonstration games with other foreign counterparts. He also created Magic Johnson Enterprises, a partner of many major companies including AMC Theatres, Starbucks, TGI Fridays and many more.

Magic through his ventures has been a major investor in the real estate market and has also donated over $1 million to NGOs with a mandate to promote HIV/AIDS education and prevention.

Quick Facts About Magic Johnson: Height / Wiki

Birth name: Earvin Johnson Jr.

Date of birth: August 4, 1959

Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan, USA

Birth sign: Leo

Nationality: American

Education: University of Michigan

Occupation: Basketball player

Height: 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in)

Weight: 215 lbs (98 kg)

Marriage: Yes

Husband: Earlitha Kelly (m. 1991)

Children: 3 (Earvin III Johnson, Elisa Johnson, Andre Johnson)

Net worth: $600 million

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