Lee Kirk – Bio, Children, Spouse – Jenna Fischer, Family, Other Facts

Kirk Lee is a multifaceted man best known as a director, screenwriter and actor and for some of his works such as Pants on Fire, the Giant Mechanical Man and The Man Who Invented the Moon.

Although the entertainer appears to be a very private individual, his marriage to actress Jenna Fischer has put his family life in the spotlight and by all accounts the pair are setting the pace with the blissful marriage they share. Moreso, the couple have two beautiful children who need to be screened for their marriage, who many in the entertainment world look up to.

Lee Kirk’s bio

Lee Kirk is an American writer and director-actor who was born on October 9, 1972 in Texas. He is clearly an educated man, which is evident from everything he has achieved, but there is no information about his educational history, nor any sources that have been able to find information about his childhood days.

The multi-talented entertainer may not have a long list of movies on his filmography, but he’s done quite a bit of work and has given his own share of good work. There is therefore no doubt that Lee Kirk knows the A to Z of filmmaking and is good at what he does.

His notable appearances in films include the comedy series The Office where he played the role of a consultant. In 2003 he was featured in the film The Man Who Invented the Moon and in 2008 he was featured in Pants on Fire. The next year, Lee Kirk was in Los Angeles and he appeared in the drama Sad Happy Sucker which was followed by another role in the comedy, The Giant Mechanical Man.

His wife Jenna Fischer

Lee Kirk has a fine life alongside his career, as he is known to live a happy life free from controversy. One of the most beautiful aspects of his family life is his relationship with his wife, Jenna Fischer, who is a popular Hollywood actress. Kirk met Jenner while filming The Giant Mechanical Man in which she played the role of janice but in addition to that, Jenner was the film’s producer while Kirk was the director and this gave them an opportunity to get to know each other better.

The couple eventually began an affair in 2008 and the relationship thrived, as evidenced by the couple’s public appearances together, such as the Emmy Awards in September 2008, which they presented together as a couple. The following year, they took it a step further by getting engaged while visiting Europe and officially becoming husband and wife on July 3, 2010 in Malibu Lee Kirk and Jenna Fischer.

family & children

In 2011, the couple announced the birth of their child, son Weston Lee Kirk, who was born on September 24, 2011, and a few years later their second child, a girl named Harper Marie, was born on May 25, 2014. Currently, the lovely family of four lives on as one big happy family with no signs of breakup.

What’s more, as a man, Kirk doesn’t come across as concerned that his wife is wealthier and more popular than he is. One of the reasons for the gap in the couple’s careers lies in the fact that Lee Kirk basically works behind the scenes, unlike his wife, who has been in the entertainment business since childhood and has made hundreds of film appearances.

More facts about Lee Kirk

The writer, director, and actor is known for an estimated net worth of approximately $250,000, which he has earned through his work in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, his wife Jenna is sitting on a whopping net worth of roughly $15 million, which she generously shares with Kirk.

Lee Kirk is Jenna Fischer’s second husband as she was married to screenwriter James Gunn for seven years from 2000 to 2007 before their divorce was finalized in 2008.

He is CEO of the popular metals company Cargill Metal Supply Chain.

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