Law Roach: Birthday, Stylist, Clients, ANTM and Net Worth

They say fashion is something that reflects your personality to the world without even talking about it. And we fully agree with this statement. Just look for a dress code everywhere in offices. But we are not here to talk about it. Today, it’s all about Law Roach , the hottest stylist in Hollywood right now.

From selling vintage outfits to style icons like Celine Dion and Zendaya , Law has indeed come a long way. And it is by no means surpassed. Just look at the way his styles star him: Roach truly embodies the art of expressing himself through clothing while understanding his clients’ bodies and personalities.

Law Roach: Quick Facts

FULL NAME: Law Roach
AGE: 43 years
DATE OF BIRTH: July 20, 1978
PLACE OF BIRTH: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
EDUCATION: Harlan Community Academy
EYE COLOUR: Dark brown
JOB: celebrity stylist
NET VALUE: $1-5 million
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram , Twitter

Law Roach: the sexiest stylist who transformed Celine Dion and Zendaya

From a young age, Law Roach has been into fashion, especially women’s clothing. Ever since his single mother introduced him to the films of Diana Ross : Lady Sings the Blues , The Wiz , and primarily Mahogany , Roach has been obsessed with the iconography of women.

Due to his love of fashion and owning something no one else had, Law fell in love with the art of thrift, which he believes to be an art form. Likewise, he also fell in love with women’s pieces, like handbags, shoes, dresses and all.

After countless savings with his grandmother, Roach began selling his vintage collections while working as a bartender. Then in 2009 , together with his close friend, Siobhan Strong , Roach opened Delightfully Vintage , a storefront in Halsted and 18th in Pilsen.

In their time, the shop was known for collecting classic vintage clothing, from designer pieces to the most illustrious second-hand items that caught their eye. The store was building a reputation when Kanye West dropped by unexpectedly in the spring of 2009, and their fame skyrocketed.

Law Roach identifies himself as an image architect

Since the event in 2009, Law Roach has largely made a name for himself thanks to his A-list clients like Zendaya, Celine Dion, K. Michelle , Ariana Grande , Mary J. Blige , Anne Hathaway , Tom Holland , Tiffany Haddish , and much more.

Not to mention, Roach has been working since she was 14 and active as a Disney star. Ten years to now, the stylist has nudged the actress as the Gen Z style icon who stuns and owns red carpet events with her daring outfits and the like.

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We haven’t forgotten Zendaya’s jaw-dropping Joan of Arc looks at the 2018 Met Gala, where she appeared straight into the Versace Channel.

However, Law doesn’t want to be stylish but rather identifies himself as ”  image architect,” the term he coined himself. According to her approach, style goes beyond putting fantastic outfits on her clients.

Law then explained,

“I am very cerebral about my craft. So I create a plan for the girls I work with. That’s what architects do, and instead of building houses, I build images. »

In addition to styling Hollywood divas, Law also served as creative director for the latest Tommy x Zendaya collection. Additionally, he also served as a judge on America’s Next Top Model , a fashion-forward mentor.

Age and Height: How old is Law Roach?

It’s no secret that Law Roach has helped many influential women in the entertainment industry become fashion icons. Just look at Zendaya and Celine Dion, for example. Her dedication and hard work comes down to their head-turning assembly and outfit.

However, to our liking, not much has been shared about himself. Born on July 20, 1978, the celebrity stylist is 43 years old as of now. Not to mention, Roach was born under the Sun sign of Cancer, and people with this sign are known to be emotional, sensitive, and hard-working people.

Aside from the fact that his creativity in styling women has no limits, there is a limit to what we know of him. At this time, no details are available about Law’s height, weight and other measurements.

However, we can see that the dark-haired gentleman is relatively tall and has a nice set of dark brown eyes. Plus, you’ll never see him slacking off with pajamas or baggy pants, no, no! Just like his clients, Law is styled to perfection.

Youth and education: where does Law Roach come from?

Despite many claims and disbelief, Law Roach is actually his real name. Law was born to his parents in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. The eldest of five siblings, Roach, was practically raised by his single mother, where his father was absent all the time.

Without a doubt, the family of six had a tough life growing up in the United States. But circumstances never stopped him from getting the education law he needed.

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Additionally, the Chicago native attended Harlan Community Academy in the far south and later studied psychology at Chicago State University But he was adamant that Law had a passion for fashion from an early age.

Net worth and income

Law Roach is not a new name when it comes to the Hollywood fashion scene. In fact, he has a long list of clients who want him to do his hair most of the time. From Zendaya, her most extensive client, to Celine Dion and even Arian Grande, most of them are the best in their respective fields.

With such an impressive list of names, it’s obvious that Law’s earnings are approaching six-figure earnings, if not more. As of now, Law Roach is said to be making around $1-5 million

However, the exact income and earnings have not been revealed in public. So we can bet the celebrity stylist earns significantly more than what we’ve heard.

Personal life: Is Law Roach married? Is he gay?

Talking about his own life, Law Roach is now single. It seems the celebrity stylist hasn’t found that special someone, “him” to be exact, to share his life with. Yeah, if you assumed Law was gay, then you’re right.

Amazingly, Law never had to come out as gay to his high school classmates and friends. Law said it was just natural with him, from his feminine manner to his soft voice, it was evident.

Moreover, it was also the support of his friends that helped him to get to grips with his sexuality. He opened up about how he’s been bullied and called a “faggot” from time to time, but Law’s friends will step in and protect him.

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Now coming to the current state, Law isn’t at all worried about the lack of action in his love life. In fact, in the absence of someone to cuddle and spend his time with, Roach uses up all of his energy, focusing on his customers and so on.

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