Landon Liboiron – Canadian Actor’s Bio, Age, Height and Net Worth

What can be more satisfying for an expectant mother, constantly driving her son to acting classes and film screenings, other than doing well in his relatively young career? That statement, though one question aptly describes the story of Landon Liboiron, who had been interested in acting from an early age. He had his mother by his side all along and the actor will no doubt be grateful to his mother who nurtured his acting dreams while it was just a toy to him. Find out more about his background and career below, as well as how much he deserved to play various characters in films and TV series.

Landon Liboiron – Bio & Age

Canadian actor was born and named Landon RyanLiboiron on March 10, 1991 in Jenner, Alberta, Canada to Lorraine Mack and Marcel Liboiron. He is of White ethnicity, has mixed French-Canadian ancestry from his father, and is half Polish from his mother. Landon’s mother, an artist, is of part German and part Swiss-German descent. She is also the mother of Blake and Lance Liboiron, who are Ryan’s siblings.

Growing up, Landon Liboiron spent his early life in the small farming community of Alberta with his two brothers, where they engaged in farm work. When he wasn’t farming, his mother, Lorraine, drove him 14 hours to Vancouver, where he could attend acting classes and auditions for film roles. Throughout the process of this arduous back and forth journey, Landon’s father and brothers, like his mother, were very supportive of the rising star in their family.

The Liboiron didn’t have to wait long for this dream to become a reality. In 2007, when Landon was about 16, he was cast in Crossroads: A Tale of Forgiveness as the character Brody Murakami. In the same year, he picked up acting credits in a television series – The Virgin of Akron, Ohio and two other films titled Don’t Cry Now and the American comedy-drama film Moondance Alexander which also featured Kay Panabaker, Don Johnson and several others.

The Canadian actor then expanded his acting portfolio in 2008 with roles in films such asANGer (as Brian Ranfield), Passchendaele (a young German soldier), Lauf Hase lauf (as a skate park kid) before landing the character of Simon Strachan in episode: “He knows his Brother” by Flashpoint Landon Liboiron started out as a Jew in 6 episodes of the TV series Wild Roses in 2009 before landing a major regular role as Declan Coyne in Degrassi: The Next Generation that ran from 2009-2010. Degrassi: The Next Generation; A Canadian teen drama television series is one of Landon’s best-known roles to date.

However, Degrassi was not his only actor. Landon starred as Bruce Parker as Paul in Daydreaming Nation where he was best friends with Reece Thompson (Thurston Goldberg). In addition, we saw him as Sam Bradshaw in 5 episodes of Life Unexpectedly which ran from 2010-2011. His other notable film roles thereafter include The Howl: Born Again (2011), Girl in Progress (2012), Burning Bodhi (2015) and Truth or Dare (2018).

On television, he portrayed Josh Shannon in 13 episodes of Terra Nova (2011), Josh in episode: “The Perfect Brother” of The Haunting Hour: The Series (2011) before co-starring with veterans Bill Skarsgård and Famke Janssen played Hemlock Grove Landon Liboiron is currently playing the character of Michael Smyth in Frontier which began in 2016.

Net worth (income and earnings) of The Canadian Actor

Looking back, Landon Liboiron started his career as a 16-year-old, one would have no hesitation in agreeing that the Canadian actor is doing just fine rising at a steady pace. He has landed a few regular roles in a few TV series as well as appeared in a few films from which he must have been rewarded. However, his exact net worth is still being verified and as such is not available


Landon Liboiron is undoubtedly a handsome young man and, of course, apart from his face, his good looks also include his physique. Although Landon isn’t the tallest man at 5ft 9in, at 74kg he’s not the shortest, nor is he overweight or underweight. His biceps measure 13 inches or 33 cm, while his chest and waist measure approximately 39 inches or 99 cm and 35 inches or 89 cm, respectively. The Canadian actor has dark brown hair color and blue eyes.

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