Kyla Ross Height, Age, Parents, Quick Facts About The Artistic Gymnast

Kyla Ross is a United States gold and silver medalist and former elite Olympic gymnast. She has always been known for breaking old records and setting new ones with her performance. Early in her career, Kyla’s trainers weren’t sure she would become outstanding because she had shorter legs and a square torso.

Kyla somehow impressed her coaches with her passion and dedication to the game. Today, her name is synonymous with words like gold medalist, phenomenal gymnast and the list goes on. She is currently an artistic gymnast and continues to defy the odds in the game.

Kyla Ross Bio, Age

Kyla Ross was born on October 24, 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii to her step parents Jason and Kiana Ross. She has two younger siblings; Kayne Ross and McKenna Ross. Kyla’s ancestry is mixed as her father is of Japanese and African American descent while her mother is a mix of Puerto Rican and Filipino ancestry. She attended Aliso Niguel High School in Aliso Viejo, California and graduated in 2015. Growing up, she was no ordinary kid. According to her parents, Kyla was born with triceps, quadriceps already formed, she looked like she was training in her mother’s womb. She would climb to the top of a gymnasium in the jungle and do stunts that kids her age wouldn’t dare to imagine or even attempt.

Carrier start

Kyla Ross started taking gymnastics lessons when she was three years old at the Greenville Gymnastics Training Center in Greenville, South Carolina. Her career choice led her to relocate to Richmond Olympiad in Virginia, the National Gymnastics Training Center in Aliso Viejo as well as Gym-Max Gymnastics in Costa Mesa, California. His early career brought him early success. She won five state titles and two national titles in the span of two years – between 2005 and 2007. At the National Junior Olympic Championship held in 2008, she took second place after winning the balance beam, exercise on the ground.

In 2009, at the Cover Girl Classic in Des Moines, Iowa, she topped the overall standings with 57,000 points. In August of the same year, at the Visa Championship in Texas, she came in first overall, beating another phenomenal gymnast, Bridgette Caquatto with a combined score of 114,000 days out of two, her victory point was more than half of Bridgette’s. . Kyla also placed first on vault, performing a double twist with a score of 29.00. In March 2010, at the City of Jesolo Trophy in Jesolo, Italy, she finished the match with second place in the all-around with a score of 56.700. In April 2010, at the Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne, Australia, she won a gold medal on vault with a score of 15,



Kyla came third at the Cover Girl Classic in Chicago with an all-around score of 58.700, first on the balance beam with a score of 15.250, fourth on the vault with a score of 15.200 and uneven bars with a score of 14.550. In September 2010, she again competed at the Pan American Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico and came first in the all-around, scoring 57.998 and winning silver on floor with a score of 14.075. Yet in the same game, Kyla and her teammates known as the Fierce Five won silver medals with almost 20 points. Kyla participated in the 2012 Olympics in London with her team and won a gold medal.


As mentioned earlier, her parents are Jason Ross and Kiana Ross and both are multiracial. Her father, Jason, is of African American and Japanese descent and her mother is of Filipino and Puerto Rican descent, making Kyla Ross multiracial in every way. Much information about his parents is not available to the media.

the size

Kyla Ross has a presentable height considering she has a short torso, maybe the constant stretching during the gym helped a lot and brought her to her current height which is 5ft 7in.

A few facts about Kyla Ross, the artistic gymnast

Kyla Ross retired from elite gymnastics in 2016 and is now in collegiate gymnastics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she is a student.

Kyla was a member of the gymnastics team nicknamed, “Fierce Five”. Her teammates include; Jordy Wieber, McKayla Maroney, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman. Kyla was the youngest and most talented of her teammates.

Kyla met her friend and fellow Fierce Five teammate, McKayla Maroney when she was six years old. The duo became very close as they shared similar ambitions to make gymnastics history. Fast forward to a few years later and here they are, still together and making history.

Kyla, along with Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura received an elegance award. The prize is mainly awarded by a vote of the jury and it is based on the gymnast’s elegance and demonstration of talent. The price of elegance is mainly awarded to a boy and a girl.

Kyla also made history with Madison Kocian by becoming the first Olympic gold medalist to compete as an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) gymnast.

Kyla Ross net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

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