Kevin Durant’s tattoos and home

Everyone is jumping on the body art bandwagon these days, from actors to sailors to students to butts. All jokes aside, it’s become a hip place, forget your portraits and abstract art, body art is the way to go for maximum self-expression. Before you confuse this with a tattoo ad, let’s get to the hunt. It’s time to look at Kevin Durant’s tattoos.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos

At first glance, you wouldn’t know the Athlete is a type of tattoo, because he’s skipped all the usual places one would expect tattoos to be. Honestly, you wouldn’t notice it until he takes off his shirt. His well-known tattoos are on his chest and back, but as recently as last month, Durant added two tattoos to his collection, let’s check them all out.

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Kevin Durant’s Tattoos; Chest and stomach

His chest is covered in ink and at first it’s quite difficult to choose what they say and represent. On his chest he wears a dove on Barbara’s name and a rose on Wanda’s name. These were made in honor of the women who raised him; his mother and grandmother. The athlete really needs to be “Bible aware” because below his biblical inscription of Proverbs 15 verse 33 there is also a cross with words written “walk by faith and not by sight”.

On his mid torso he has the Washington Nationals of the area, named “W”, are probably the ones honoring him by paying homage to his “hometown”. This is what happens mainly in his torso area. Now on to his back tattoos.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos; Return

As we said before, anyone knows how to go about a bible, athlete back tattoos are a strong meaning of his Christian faith. On its back it has Jesus Christ and an angel holding a basketball on the left and on the right an inscription of James 1:2-4.

Despite being so big that he is in touch with his god, the tattoo was misspelled. The text was meant to read: Consider it a gift, friends, when tests and challenges come your way from all sides. You know that under pressure your life of faith is forced to open up and show its true colors. So don’t try to get yourself out of something prematurely. Let it do its job so that you become mature and well-developed without any deficiencies. »

But the word “mature” was spelled “mother.” The less we think that’s what it says. The problem here is, it took a long time to get the tattoo done. So it was not difficult to fix it, because the athlete then uploaded a follow-up photo with the correct spelling.

Kevin Durant’s Tattoos; Legs

We thought he wasn’t “brilliant” with his tattoos, but this particular piece of body art is hard to miss. It’s a giant portrait of Tupac on the athlete’s left calf. It is therefore absolutely impossible to miss it. Many people have taken to social media to mock his fees. Even so, Durant is still quite proud of his tattoo and thinking he was just getting started.

Shortly after receiving the “giant Tupac tattoo,” the actor got himself a flashier bit of ink. It’s right on his thigh, another piece of exploded art, he’s got the Rick James tattoo. The tattoo is still located on his left leg, but this time on his thigh. It’s as big as ‘Tupac’ and it has us worried about what he has in mind for his right leg.

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Kevin Durant House

Kevin had a house in Oklahoma, but that’s a thing of the past because he sold it a while ago. The last time we checked, the athlete was still trying to figure out where to go home and his teammate, Stephen Curry, was helping him figure it out.

When speaking to The Undefeated, Curry, “I told him about where he’s going to live, Kevin and his team are staying in Oakland first until they figure out how they’re going to do it.” Nevertheless, he has also put his Miami home on the market, we can’t wait to see where he will stay.

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