Kavan Smith – Bio, Married, Female, Family, Age, Height

Kavan Smith still has a long way to go and much more to achieve if he is to become a household name in America. The Canadian actor, best known for his role as Major Evan Lorne in Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 , on the other hand, is considered to be on his way to greatness in his home country, as he is distinguished by his ability to act regardless of the type of role played he takes to perform appropriately, has earned a reputation for versatility. Join us and take a look at his achievements and personal life.

Kavan Smith Bio (Age)

Kavan Smith was born Kavan Joel Smith on May 6, 1970 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His father’s name is unknown but his mother’s name is June Hawk. Smith’s parents divorced early. After they decided to separate, he and his brother were raised by their father.

As a young boy, Smith became involved in a variety of sports, from soccer to martial arts, all of which he excelled at. He was also said to have had a knack for performing, which he often did with a friend. As the story goes, Smith usually skipped school to record and rehearse his performances, which he and his friend performed in public places like the bus stop or the mall.

After high school, Kavan Smith enrolled at the University of Calgary to major in Economics. As it would turn out, he only managed to spend about a year and a half in the program before studying something related to his passion, though he reportedly spent about a year figuring things out. The performing arts program at Mount Royal University proved to be Smith’s next destination as he learned more about performing on stage while developing a love for books and writing.

Shortly after graduating from Mount Royal, Smith made his acting debut on the Canadian television show. Destiny Ridge (1993), where he played the lead role of Clay Roberts. During the 90’s he appeared in various Canadian television shows such as The Sentinel (1996), The Outer Limits (1996, 1998) and The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (1999) among many others. In the 2000s, Smith was able to land roles in American television shows such as Night Vision (2001), Smallville (2002), Stargate SG-1 (2003), where he appeared in two episodes, and Stargate Atlantis(2005-09) where he played the recurring role of Major Evan Lorne. Other recurring roles he has had during this period include Deputy Andy in Eureka (2010-12), Zach in Godivas (2005-06) and Jed Garrity in The 4400 (2005-07).

Recently, Kavan Smith has appeared in the police drama series Villain (2013-14), the dark fantasy series Supernatural (2014-15), the soap opera Mistresses (2015) and the drama When the Heart Calls (2015-present). In 2017, Smith appeared in the Hallmark film The Perfect Bride. A year later, he reprized his role as Nick Dyson in the sequel, The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells (2018).

His Family – Is he married, who is his wife?

There are conflicting reports regarding Kavan Smith’s marital status. Some publications state that the Stargate Atlantis actor is single, while others point out that while he is married, his personal life is very private, which is why almost nothing is known about his wife.

As pictured above, many publications have confused Smith’s co-star in Hallmark’s The Perfect Bride, Pascale Hutton, as his supposed wife. This is not true as Hutton himself is married to actor Danny Dorosh. The couple married in 2002 and have two sons together. There is no doubt that Smith and Hutton have great on-screen chemistry and are said to be very good friends outside of work as well. They have also happened to appear together on a number of shows such as Smallville, Sanctuary, Flashpoint, When the Heart Calls , among many others. This has led to speculation that they are lovers fake.


Not seeing the current footage of KavanSmith working out at the gym. You can tell the Canadian actor, who is 1.76 m tall, takes very good care of his body. It’s not clear if he’s on a diet plan, but he’s believed to be maintaining a weight of 79kg.

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