Justice Smith Biography, Parents, Is He Related To Will Smith?

Common surnames like Smith and Jones may belong to multiple people, but that doesn’t make them related in any way. Despite her surname, the rising Hollywood star, Justice Smith is not related to Will Smith.

The younger Smith, who is also an actor, is best known to international audiences for his roles in The Thundermans (2014), the sci-fi film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) and Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019). His filmography may not include many movies yet, but he has big ambitions and is definitely star-stargazing.

Justice Smith – Biography

Judge Elio Smith was born on August 9, 1995 in the City of Angels in Los Angeles, California, United States. He grew up as the fifth of nine children in a large multi-ethnic family.

Aside from the fact that his family was big, it was also a very competitive one, the actor revealed in an interview. Both parents are competitive singers, so they are somewhat critical of non-professionalism. For example, Justice recalls that when he sang in the presence of his people as a young boy, his mother was always there to correct him and teach him how to sing properly. His father didn’t let him go either. He also competed with his siblings.

While it seemed difficult to show his potential, he then learned to sing on the right notes and soaked up the skills needed to become a successful singer. Although he didn’t grow up to be a singer, he was still artistic. Justice Smith was drawn to the world of cinema and theater from an early age. Writing stories and screenplays from a young age, it was not surprising that he became an actor. Smith attended Orange County School of the Arts, where he earned his acting degree and began appearing in Orange County shows in 2013.

At age 15, he appeared in an Apple commercial and landed his first major appearance in the crime film Finger Trigger He then appeared in two episodes of Nickelodeon’s The Thunderman as Angus in 2014. Smith also appeared in two HBO documentaries, Master Class, and VlogBrothers that same year.

However, his career-defining moment came in 2015. Justice Smith had a supporting role in Paper Towns as Marcus “Radar” Lincoln alongside CaraDelevingne and Nat Wolff. That one role threw him into the limelight and introduced him to new fans and movie lovers. It also opened the way for the actor to many other acclaimed roles. In 2016, he landed the lead role in the Netflix musical series The Get Down as Ezekiel “Zeke” Figuero.

After training and studying, he committed to being persuaded on screen for his role in The Get Down The actor credits the role with saying he’s a better actor and has more confidence in his abilities.

Although the series was not renewed for a second, it premiered in August 2016 and concluded in April 2017. He has been critically acclaimed for his insightful playing, musical authenticity and for bringing an unforgettable character to the screen. Acclamations aside, the actor earned a berth in Forbes 2017 30 under 30 list. Justice Smith went on to appear in the Off-Broadway stage production of Yen opposite Lucas Hedges in New York.

Smith played the main character Rhiannon’s boyfriend in Every Day as Justin (2018). He followed that up with a starring role as Franklin Webb in the sci-fi sequel Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom In 2019, he starred in a live-action film based on the video game Pokémon: Detective Pikachu as Jim Goodman along with other famous cast members like Ryan Reynolds and Rita Ora. He also appeared in the drama series All Bright Places alongside Elle Fanning.

Is he related to Will Smith?

It is common to find two or more people with the same surname who are not biologically related or even share a common ancestor. Many celebrities have often identified with the same last name, but the name is where the relationship ends. Some of these are: Matthew Perry and Tyler Perry; Drew Carey and Mariah Carey; Jennifer Hudson and Kate Hudson; Denzel Washington and Kerry Washington, and Kristen Bell and Drake Bell. They all have nothing more than their last name and maybe a common profession.

Justice Smith wasn’t left out in the name tag when he rose to fame. He has often been mistaken for the son of American actor, rapper and comedian Will Smith. The conjecture was further compounded when he appeared on The Get Down with Will Smith’s real-life son, Jaden Smith.

Nonetheless, the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu actor addressed the rumors, clearing up the confusion on his Twitter account in 2016, where he told fans and anyone who wanted to know that the Hollywood star isn’t his father.

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who are his parents

Justice Smith’s actual parents are also in the arts, despite staying far from the limelight. As already mentioned, both are singers. Justice Smith was born to an African American father named Wayne Smith. His mother, Duillia Setacci, is a Canadian national whose family also has Italian and French roots.

Justice Smith’s biracial heritage sometimes poses difficulties when he leaves for certain roles. According to him, he’s not black enough for black roles and not white enough for white roles, but he’s proud of his heritage and handpicks to draw on nonetheless.

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